Chemical Peeling – Treatment for a Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Chemexfoliation or chemical peeling is used for skin improvement and this technique involves application of a chemical solution on the skin followed by the formation of blisters finally leading to peeling of the skin. In this way, new skin is exposed underneath, which is smooth and without wrinkles.

Chemical Peeling – Helps the Formation of Healthy New Skin

The regenerated skin, after a chemical peeling, is beautiful and healthy and it is used for treating wrinkles, mild scars, acne, age spots and freckles. It also reduces dark patches, which occurs due to pregnancy and melasma. It can be done by using many types of chemical peels such as Alpha and beta hydroxy acid peels, retinoic acid peel, jessner’s peel, trichloroacetic acid peel, phenol peel, etc. Chemical peeling has many complications, which include prolonged erythema, changes in the pigments and white heads. The other complications are atrophy of the skin and changes in the texture. Peeling can be done without anesthesia. Some peels may require tranquilizer and general anesthesia.

Chemical Skin – Factors to Consider

Peeling the skin chemically is a highly effective treatment and can be done at home, spas, salons and clinics. If you are looking for a method of improving your skin and do not want surgery and facelift, chemical skin peeling is the best option. You should consult a professional like dermatologist and plastic surgeon who may evaluate your skin and suggest the best option. The cost involved in chemical skin peeling depends on many factors including the peel type, location and the purpose of using the peel. The process of chemical peeling takes twenty minutes to complete. Cleansing of skin is done followed by the application of a chemical solution. The time of recovery depends on the peel and its strength.

Chemical Peel for Acne – Very Effective

Acne can be debilitating especially in adolescence and can result in lowering of self esteem as well as confidence. Symptoms of acne are blackheads, pustules, whitehead and nodules. It occurs on face, neck, back, scalp and other body parts. Usually, it can be treated by using medications that are available over-the-counter. However, sometimes it can result in severe symptoms. In chemical peel for acne treatment, the peel is applied to the acne affected skin. The outer skin is peeled away and new skin is exposed underneath, which is free from acne. You can consult a doctor for selecting the best method for acne treatment by the use of a peel. However, the chemical peel for acne treatment has some limitations. Sometimes, peeling is not advised for treating acne.

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