Clay Masks – A Perfect Remedy for Oily Skin Riddance

Facial masks made out of clay are found to provide great solutions for a variety of skin troubles like excessive oiliness and clogged skin pores. Apart from these, the action of clay will also help in cleansing and moisturizing the skin, along with giving it a rejuvenated feel.

Clay Masks – Choose the Appropriate Type

There are various types of clay masks, which can be used depending upon the specific skin tone of a person. If you are one with an oily skin, then it is recommended that you make a mask out of montmorillonite clay or French green clay. The specific properties of this clay will help in the absorption of excess oil from the skin and will also help in flushing out the toxins from the skin. People having dry skin should use a facial mask made of pink kaolin clay, as it will help in moisturizing and hydrating the skin. China clay which brings about complete skin toning and exfoliation is recommended for those having extra sensitive skin. And finally, people having a normal skin tone can use clay masks made of Moroccan red clay. Regular application of this facial mask will give the user a perfect complexion and a much younger looking skin.

Clay Facial – The Important Additives

To increase the effectiveness of a clay facial, one can also add certain extra ingredients to the basic facial material, clay. In order to make a facial mask, you can add a few drops of essential oils to 3 to 4 tablespoons of clay. While tea tree oil is found to be the most suited for people with oily skin, sandalwood oil is found to do wonders on dry and dull looking skin. Along with essential oils, one can also use certain other additives depending on the skin type. Adding yogurt and honey to the clay facial mask will help in enhancing the moisturizing properties of the mask. People who wish for a younger looking skin can also use Vitamin E oil as an additive. The ingredients of the facial mask are to be then mixed thoroughly to form a final product, which has a paste like texture.

Clay Face Mask – The Application

In order to avail the complete goodness of a clay face mask, it is essential that one applies it in the proper manner. Before the facial, wash your face thoroughly with warm water so as to open up the skin pores and then pat dry with a clean towel. See to it that your hair is pulled back and it doesn’t come in your way while applying the mask. The prepared mask is to be then applied to the face and neck and is to be then followed up by massaging in soft circular motions. Do wear clean gloves while applying the mask so as to prevent contaminating the face. Allow the mask to dry for 15 to 20 minutes and later on clean the face by using cold water. Dry the skin thoroughly and complete the process with a moisturizer application.

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