Cosmetic Acupunture – Facial Rejuvenation Through Traditional Chinese Treatments

A gift of the ancient Chinese medical treatments, cosmetic acupuncture provides amazing results in rejuvenating the face and body. This procedure has the dual benefits of providing younger looks on the face as well as improving the overall health and fitness of the body.

Cosmetic Acupuncture – Reviving Youthful Looks

Involving the process of inserting needles on various acupuncture points of the face, cosmetic acupuncture causes a definite increase in the facial blood circulation which results in enhanced supply of nutrients, collagen and elastin to the face parts. This traditional method aims at improving the tone and elasticity of the skin at the more exposed parts thereby giving a much younger appearance. Stress reduction, better digestion and higher energy levels are some of the additional benefits of cosmetic acupuncture which ultimately makes the body healthier with a glowing complexion. It is because of all these wonderful advantages that this treatment is also said to be a real rejuvenating experience for the soul.

Acupuncture Weight Loss – Natural and Safe Method

The practice of acupuncture weight loss treatment is more than 5000 years old and originated in ancient China. This therapy addresses the physical as well as the psychological aspects of obesity through methods that do not have any dangers of subsequent side effects. The concept is based on stimulating the digestive system which enhances the efficiency of the stomach and spleen thereby ensuring that ‘Chi’ or life force is carried to all the parts of the body leaving the individual fulfilled which ultimately reduces the urge to overeat. Acupuncture weight loss relies on increased release of endorphins in the body which give a feel good effect that addresses the physiological aspect of overweight people.

Acupuncture Facial – the Multiple Benefits

There are several advantages of undergoing acupuncture facial which not only helps one look younger but also imbibes a youthful feeling in the mind and soul. The primary benefit of the process is the increase in production of collagen which is vital for the youthful looks of skin of the face. By strengthening the facial muscles, it helps flatten and remove the fine wrinkles on the face and helps lighten the lines and lifts drooping eyelids. Improved blood circulation causes the complexion to brighten up, removes age spots, acne and rosacea. Being a pain free and surgery less procedure this facial technique improves overall appearance and health of the face parts.

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