Cosmetic Manufacturers – Specialists in Making Beauty Products

The popularity of cosmetics, especially to younger consumers, is continuously growing with the United States being the largest cosmetics market. This growth compels cosmetic manufacturers to spend billions of dollars in research and development to provide beauty products that have passed official regulations, safe and truly effective.

Cosmetic Manufacturers Makes the Shift

Cosmetic manufacturers have joined the green revolution by producing environment-friendly and chemical-free products. Human Heart Nature, a new player in the cosmetics business know just how important the absence of synthetic components in cosmetics are to the more health-conscious consumers of today. Its products are made from organic ingredients sourced in the Philippines and are sold in all branches of Seafood City Supermarket and other retailer outlets in Florida, Seattle, Minnesota, Seattle, Illinois, New Jersey and Arizona. Gradually, other giant cosmetic manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson’s, the maker of Neutrogena Naturals, are catching up in the bandwagon. The Body Shop, a L’oreal brand, is not only known for its natural ingredients but also for its campaign to reduce its environmental impact by using 100 per cent recycled bottles and paper bags. Kao Corp. claims that Jergen’s Naturals Hydrate, Naturals Refresh and Naturals Renew product lines are halal, meaning it can be used by Muslims because they are not made from substances forbidden in the Islamic faith.

Cosmetics Brands Celebrity Endorsers

The affordable cosmetics brands that are products of established cosmetics companies are Maybelline and CoverGirl by L’oreal and Procter & Gamble, respectively. These brands are competitors indeed because of pricing and they are marketed to the same cluster of consumers. To outnumber each other in sales, they have hired the services of celebrities to endorse them. Cover Girl has Christie Brinkley who holds the record of having the longest-running contract with a cosmetics company. Tyra Banks is also a familiar face of CoverGirl. The partnership didn’t end at Banks endorsing the brand because she has secured product placement promotions for it in her show, America’s Next Top Model. Maybelline’s endorser lineup includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristin Davis, Zhang Ziyi, Miranda Kerr with Christie Turlington leading the cast. In the past, Unilever’s cosmetics brands such as Vaseline and Sunsilk were represented by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Madonna respectively.

Cosmetics Company Store Promos

It may appear essential for any cosmetics company store to come up with promos in facing the competition. When purchasing online, oftentimes there are coupon codes which you can use to avail yourself of discounts on the product or on shipping fee. Another cool promo is what Origins, an Estee Lauder brand, had in celebration of Earth Day 2011 wherein consumers may trade-in any empty or full skincare bottles in exchange of an Origins’ A Perfect World or Checks and Balances cleansers. Avon is also quite generous in terms of special offers; a free product for every purchase of two items is a good deal. If you are planning to switch to another cosmetic label, it’s better to check the product’s website for promotions to save on cost. In that way, you wouldn’t feel so bad if you didn’t like the new product because you didn’t spend that much.

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