Discover Hong Kong – Tourist and Travel Information to the Compact Commercial Centre

Situated in the coastal region of southeast China, Hong Kong is a compact area and the major part of the country is located in the countryside. The country is attracting large number of tourists with good climate, historically important places, and commercial centers.

Discover Hong Kong – Tourist and Business Attractions

To experience the ancient traditions and history of Hong Kong, visitors should stroll in the streets. To discover Hong Kong, you can take a horse racing tour at ShaTin and the Happy Valley. A Feng Shui tour familiarizes the visitors with the principles of removing the negative effects in the surrounding areas. You can also enjoy the dragon’s den. Conducting a Heritage tour helps you to understand the tradition and the unique past of the nation. There are also large number of visitors for Tai chi class and demo of tea making. To discover Hong Kong, you should travel to the colonial heritage sites such as Hong Kong Island, Outlaying Islands, and new territories. Here, you can see the residues of the colonial heritages of China and Britain. The Kowloon Markets Walk helps you to understand the local culture and you can also buy accessories, mementos, and clothes from here. Madame Tussauds wax museum, the Western Market, Jumbo Kingdom, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, 1881 Heritage, Ladies Market, Clock Tower, and Sky 100 are the other attractions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Transport – Highly Advanced

The network of transport in Hong Kong, public as well as private, is very advanced. Payment of money is done by the Octopus card. Hong Kong transport in the hilly areas consists of automated transport for pedestrians including escalators as well as pavement. Hong Kong has a large public train network consisting of metro network and trams and funicular railways. There are train services within the city also. The country has a well developed international airport. The road transport consists of bus services and light buses, taxis, private cars, bicycles, and motorcycles are used for road transport. Hong Kong transport also includes maritime transport like ferries and aerial lift transport like cable cars.

Hong Kong Tourism – Initiatives of the Government

During the end of 1980s and the beginning of 1990s, Hong Kong adopted service sector model and since then tourism is a major industry in the economy of the country. The country is also witnessing larger number of tourists from mainland China. In order to promote tourism, Hong Kong has established tourism commission in 1999. Hong Kong tourism also has strategy group to advice the government to take right strategies for the development of tourism. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKBT) is also taking active measures to change the country in to the right destination for business and leisure and Discover Hong Kong is the promotional campaign of HKBT.

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