Facial Scrubs – Deep Cleansers that Brighten Your Face

Skin needs to breath and regenerate and scrubs help slough off dead skin layers to reveal fresh, young skin. Scrubbing must be included in weekly regimen, to achieve a youthful glow.

Facial Scrubs – Revealing Youthful Skin

Exfoliating through facial scrubs is recommended in order to remove the scaly layer of the skin; this is the result of dead cells on the skin’s surface. Both commercial and homemade scrubs can be used, depending on the preference of the user. There are commercial products that are chemical based, these products, especially those with paraben content must be avoided. There are commercially manufactured products that are safer, these are products made up of natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables. However, homemade scrubs are still the cheapest and most natural alternatives. According to dermatologists, facial scrubs must be used in moderation, once a week is the best frequency of use. Overdoing the scrub can damage the skin and cause irritation instead of achieving the desired soft, radiant complexion.

Homemade Facial Scrub – Nourishing Ingredients

Cornmeal can be used as an economical and simple homemade facial scrub. A few tablespoons must be mixed with water to form a paste, and then it must be applied to the face using circular, gentle rubbing motion and rinsed afterwards. Banana is also a great ingredient for making homemade facial scrub. Depending on the size of the banana, a piece or two must be mashed then mixed with a teaspoon or two of oats, a teaspoon of milk and honey; this mixture has a double purpose, it can be used as a scrub or left on to serve as a mask as well. A simple facial scrub that targets ugly black heads is mashed avocado, the preparation and application is easy and requires little time. It can be left on the face and rinsed afterwards.

Best Facial Scrub – Product that Suits

According to product reviews by experts and consumers, the best facial scrub in the market really depends on the skin type of the person. Each skin type has a different formulation to match the needs of the skin. But then, there are common factors that determine whether the scrub is the best or not. Those that are made from natural ingredients like papaya fruit, apple, pineapple, apricot, jojoba, tea tree, avocado and other similar ingredients are preferred over acid based scrubs. The best scrub is one that is gentle, non-drying and non-irritating. Even the simple sugar scrub can be labeled as the best as long as it delivers the results desired; clean, fresh and young looking skin. That is why it is best to consult the doctor and avoid allergens in order to benefit from the best scrub.

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