Feet Treatment – Keeping them Healthy

Feet, generally is the most neglected part of the body. Taking appropriate foot care treatments make your feet feel special and make them stay working throughout without any problems. Regular foot care regimen should be a part of daily routine to avoid any future feet ailments.

Feet Treatment – Beautiful, Healthy Feet Tips

Among all parts of the body, feet are the most used organs, and they are the ones to get damaged easily. So, it is necessary to take care of the feet and make feet treatment when and where required. Massaging the feet and legs with almond oil, olive oil etc helps to keep them flexible and shining. Massaging gives strength to the ankles and the joints of the leg. A regular foot bath with salt not only soothes your feet but also, relaxes your whole body and mind. Regularly rub the heels and soles with pumice stones remove the dead, dry skin, and also clear away the toe infection if any. Keeping feet dry helps in preventing bacterial and fungal infections. A foul smelling foot occurs due to accumulation of sweat and dirt. Using cotton socks, applying foot powder, is the best feet treatment. Regular exercising of the feet will help to improve blood circulation in the area.

Foot Therapy – More about Reflex Therapy

Reflex therapy or foot therapy is the traditional method of healing the body by massaging the feet. The principle behind this therapy is that, each organ of the body has a reflex position with the foot and the toe tips are in direct contact with the head. The Achilles tendon is in contact with the urinary system, and the paw region of the feet is in connection with the spines. So, when the feet are massaged, other parts of the body are also indirectly getting massaged. Foot therapy is also a powerful method to heal injured body parts. Researches prove that foot massage also helps one to overcome infertility.

Remedies for Foot – Feet Hitches and Solutions

Foot blisters are one of the common problems which can be overcome by applying antiseptic creme over the blisters, and avoiding too tight or loose sandal that hurt. Foot corns can be cured by rubbing hard with pumice stones and massaging latter. In severe condition, it is better to consult a doctor. Sweaty toes can be avoided by wearing fully closed shoes, washing the feet with cold water regularly and applying astringent. For cracked heels, applying glycerin and oil for massaging regularly can help to resolve this issue. Bunions is difficult to treat and can be prevented by buying comfortable shoes. Remedies for foot fungal infection are to switch to open sandals without wearing socks. Keep feet dry as far as possible and apply anti fungal creme in the joints, which are the breeding places for the fungi.

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