Fish Pedicures – Offering a Unique Beauty Treatment for Your Feet

Fish pedicures are done by submerging the feet in a tank filled with garra ruffa fish and warm water. The fish feed on the dry and dead skin resulting to a smooth and soft feet.

Fish Pedicures – Dry Skin is Nibbled Away

Men and women can soften the skin on their feet with fish pedicures. Conventional nail treatments cut the dry areas around the nails with a sharp nipper and pusher. Fish pedicures expose the skin to at least 100 garra ruffa fish organisms that remove dead skin cells using their small toothless mouths. Aside from the unusual exfoliation procedure, customers enjoy the unusual tingling sensation. Dry flaking skin softens in warm water and is easily removed after a few fish nibbles. Normal skin remains untouched because it cannot be bitten off easily. After 15-30 minutes both feet are removed and customers are given a standard nail cleaning service.

Spa Fish – Treats Severe Skin Ailments

Skin centers are offering adding spa fish treatments to their foot papering services. Garra rufa fish are naturally found in the hot springs of Turkey. It is also known as Doctor Fish because it has been used as a treatment for severe skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema. Cleopatra is said to be a big fan of the garra rufa fish treatment. The spa fish are placed in a tank of warm water without any support, not even oxygen from the plants. The environment conditions the fish to eat whatever food is available like dead and flaking skin. The fish however, will not touch the healthy skin. The demand for garra ruffa fish has increased worldwide with the growing popularity of the unusual skin treatment.

Feet Eating Fish – Relaxing Massage

Customers can enjoy a gentle massage while keeping their skin soft with feet eating fish. A cross between a gold fish and a minnow, garra rufa organisms can increase blood flow by stimulating the acupuncture points of the feet. The perfect treat for hardworking feet, the treatment has been known to cleanse the skin because it uncovers a fresh layer. Aside from the individual tanks some establishments have small pools for private spa parties. The ticklish nibbling movements on the skin, guarantee non-stop giggling for party guests. A warm soak filled with feet eating fish is also a best therapy for those in need of relaxing quiet moments.

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