Hair Waxing – Methods for Removing Unwanted Hairs

Waxing your body hair is a great way to get a smooth, textured skin. Not only that, it also allows you to flaunt your beautiful new skin in short-length skirts, sleeveless tops and even designer bikinis. Today, there are a number of waxing methods that you can choose from.

Hair Waxing – Flaunt Beautiful Skin

Removal of excess hair, or even naturally occurring body hair for that matter has been a rage in adolescent men and women for years, but it is only in the recent years that hair waxing has become a necessity for most people. Some women like the easier and more temporary option of hair removal – shaving. When you decide to wax your body hair, it is necessary for you to understand it’s growth pattern and how sensitive your skin in. Basically hair waxing involves the application of either a soft or hard wax/waxy substance on the body surface in the direction of hair growth, and then placing a thin piece of paper or cloth, letting the wax dry a bit and pulling off the strip in the direction opposite of the hair growth. This pulls off the hair from it’s root and let’s you remain hair free from anywhere between two to six weeks.

Hair Removal Wax – Choose Your Favorite

There are numerous types of hair removal wax brands in the market that you can buy from. Either that, or you can make some wax at home yourself. There are basically two types of waxing procedures – Cold waxing and Hot waxing. Though the wax used for both processes is made of the same ingredients – wax base (paraffin/beeswax), resin and a lubricating oil – it is upto you to choose the method that is most suitable to you and your skin. Most waxes these days also have additives like moisturizers and fragrances or colors to give a better finish. Cold wax strips are easily available in the market. The pulling strips already have the semi-solid wax applied to them that you can then stick on the part of your body and pull off to remove unwanted hair. Hot hair removal wax on the other hand has to be melted first, before it is applied to your skin. A strip of thin cloth or wax paper is then applied over the wax, and as the wax cools, it sticks to the skin, allowing you to then pull the cloth/paper in the opposite direction and remove unwanted hair.

Waxing At Home – Easy Process

If going to a salon is too expensive for you, it’s a great idea to try waxing at home. In fact, many women prefer to make their own home-made wax and do it at home. You can make wax by using sugar, honey, water and a bit of lemon juice, boiling them till it forms a sticky syrupy mixture. Apply it while it’s still warm for best results. For the applicator stick, use a spatula or flat spoon or even a tongue depressor. You can use old worn out towels, cut them in square pieces and sew around the edges and use them for pulling the hair off. Don’t forget to dust your body with baby powder or talcum before waxing, and always finish the process by washing off the remaining wax with soapy water/petroleum jelly and using a moisturizer afterwards. Hair removal creams are also good alternatives to waxing and they are absolutely painless and safe. They also have nourishing oils and moisturizers that are beneficial for your skin.

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