Holidays in Pakistan – A Complete Guide to the Tourist

Pakistan with diverse natural attractions like Baluchistan plateau and Indus river valley proves to be an uncommon travel destination. The diversity of climate has led to the variety in flora and fauna.

Holidays in Pakistan – The Journey Begins

Despite the political turmoil and militant unrest troubling the nation for several years, Pakistan has all the elements to become a tourist destination. It has so much to offer to the travelers who have an appetite for exploring the heritage and cultural past of the Asian country. Holidays in Pakistan can turn out to be a rewarding experience for the visitors with attractions like the Karakoram Mountain range and architectural marvels in its prime city Lahore. It would be wrong to assess this country from the world media headlines because it has another side apart from turbulent political developments. Despite their conservative nature, the residents of the country are usually warm to the visitors. The tourists should ideally plan holidays in Pakistan before winter and summer. Some parts in this nation can be extremely cold in winter and uncomfortably hot in summer. Kuwait Airways offers excellent economy class flights to Pakistan. There are other Asian airways too that offer one stop flight to the country. The tourists with an eye on shopping in travel destinations will love the glorious bazaars in Pakistan. They can buy various types of jewelry, precious stones in these markets and the hand embroidered shawls are also quite popular.

Pakistan Travel – Explore Natural Diversity

Karachi is ideal for the tourists who want to get a feel of the country. Saddar is the main shopping region in this city. Pakistan travel cannot be complete without a visit to Lahore. The Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore attracts the visitors with jewelry and handicrafts. Fort Munro, built by the British in undivided India, remains one of Pakistan’s major tourist attractions. Khar, which is adjacent to Fort Munro is another place the visitors should not miss. It also has a fort made by the British. Balochistan, a southwestern province attracts the visitors with its barren and rugged landscape but this place has seen little economic development for ages. The tourists opting for Pakistan travel can select car rentals as there are several rent-a-car companies. The cuisine of Pakistan is mainly non vegetarian. The delicacies like biryani and mutton dishes lure the foodies.

Pakistan Tourist – Activity Options Aplenty

A tourist in Pakistan has plenty of activities to choose from. The Shalamar Garden in Lahore is a spot a Pakistan tourist should not miss. It was made in 1641 AD by mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. Jinnah Garden is also a huge garden and it has a zoo inside. Lahore’s zoo set up in 1872 is among the oldest zoos in Asian sub continent. The Sonehri Mosque and Wazir Khan’s Mosque give the visitors some ideas about the architecture in Pakistan. In Karachi the major attraction is the Aquarium at Clifton. The sea beach here is ideal for water sports activities.

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