Home Electrolysis – The Pros and Cons of the at Home Hair Removal Option

A home electrolysis kit can provide a permanent solution to the problem of recurring hair removal. This method can be undertaken at home after weighing both its pros and cons and it offers a proven result.

Home Electrolysis – Boon or Bane

home electrolysis kit works the same way as any professional hair removal work done at the salon. The kit basically includes a needle point electrode or tweezers as per the pack purchased, both of which use electricity, conductive gel and some cleansing lotion. Whichever kit you purchase, it will use a mild electrical current which will reach the root of the hair follicle and will destroy it so that there will not be any growth of hair at that particular point. Decidedly,there are some pros and cons about using such a home electrolysis kit , which should be taken into consideration before using the apparatus at the comforts of your home.

Hair Removal Electrolysis – Permanent Solution

The process of hair removal electrolysis involves the use of a thin needle shaped electrical unit which will be used on each and every hair follicle of the desired area. This means that one particular session will not completely remove all the unwanted hair. That means if you are getting this done professionally, you will have to visit the salon around 15-20 times. On the contrary such hair removal electrolysis done at home can be completed at your leisure and can be repeated till you get satisfactory results and that too in the privacy of your own home. You will also need to be careful and follow the instructions to the letter so as to avoid any scars or reddened skin.

Electrolysis Cost – One Time Expense

A hair removal at the local beauty salon can cost a good deal of money. So if you are confidant and assured that you can go through this process at home then the electrolysis cost will not pinch your pocket at all. In fact there will be a marked difference between these two. This one time investment needs to be done with a good quality product which has proven results and satisfied customers. You can also get feedback from your friends you have used the product. It is also a good idea to buy the product from a trusted source where the return policy is not stringent so you can return your kit if you are not satisfied with it.

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