Homemade Facial Recipes – Spa Treatments at Home

Skin pampering can be expensive when done in commercial spas; making use of homemade recipes from ingredients found in refrigerators and kitchen cabinets is a great alternative that is not only budget friendly but also saves skin from potential harsh chemicals.

Homemade Facial Recipes – Skin Friendly Ingredients

Blemish-free face reflects a healthy skin condition but caring for it does not have to come with a heavy price tag since most of the recipes for skin regimen can be found at home. Fruits, vegetables and other ingredients found in the kitchen serve more than fulfilling an appetite; homemade facial recipes deliver the same results that expensive spas can give. From the ancient times, people have been making use of items like milk and honey as part of their beauty regimen, Cleopatra has been one of the most notable figures in history who has been said to be bathing in milk. Both history and research prove that milk, honey, lemon, cucumber, green tea, banana, apple, watermelon, egg, strawberry, olive oil and other items found in the kitchen are effective agents in promoting healthy facial skin when used in homemade facial recipes.

Homemade Facial Scrub – Natural Remedies

Exfoliation is important in revealing fresh layers of the skin as they become lifeless and flaky. There are lots of scrubs commercially available but then there are gentler and more natural ways of achieving the same result. Sugar can be a good homemade facial scrub since it has finer properties compared to salt and will not irritate the skin surface, it can be mixed with olive oil or lemon juice or applied to the face in gentle circular motion with water. Crushed oatmeal with honey is also an effective homemade facial scrub, the mixture is to be applied after the face has been washed and left for 15 minutes, acting as a scrub and mask. Cinnamon can also be mixed with honey to act as a scrub and target the elimination of black heads. The mixture, regardless of the ingredients chosen, must be applied in a gentle motion, rubbing it roughly across the face must be avoided in order to prevent skin irritation.

Homemade Facial Mask – Go Natural

A good face mask is responsible for removing impurities and revitalizing the skin. Honey is noted to be one of the best natural ingredients that can be used as a mask, it has antibacterial agents that can heal blemishes and disinfect the skin. This homemade facial mask does not require any other ingredient, it must be applied to the face after washing with lukewarm water and left for fifteen minutes, afterwards lukewarm water can be used to rinse followed by cold water to close the pores. Mashed avocado is another simple mask, as well as egg yolk or egg white, preparing them is easy and uncomplicated. However, not all skin types react similarly, it will be best to identify allergies and consult the opinion of experts to benefit from the right natural remedy before trying something on.

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