Hydrating Mask – For Skin That is Forever Young

Hydrating Mask – For Skin That is Forever Young

Water based masks are very effective for preventing moisture loss and treating dry skin. Your skin becomes very dry and itchy during winters so clay masks are ineffective during this season. Homemade masks are made of ingredients such as fruit juice and glycerin.

Hydrating Mask – Protects from Harsh Climate

Masks made of natural ingredients soothe parched and dehydrated skin and it makes skin smooth and soft. The hydrating mask rejuvenates rough skin by cleansing and hydrating. It revitalizes and moisturizes skin and promotes cell renewal. It is made of natural ingredients such as papaya, grapes, strawberry, honey, milk-cream, coconut milk, tomato yoghurt, carrot-honey, and almond oil-milk. Mash the fruit into a pulpy mixture and apply to face and neck. Rinse with cold water after fifteen minutes. If you have a dry skin, you can use a hydrating mask made of aloevera gel mixed with glycerin. Avocado made masks are suitable for all types of skin.

Hydrating Facial Mask – Very Effective

Facial skin is very delicate and it suffers harsh climatic effects of sun and wind. You can use hydrating facialmask for moisturizing and cleansing your face. It also contains antioxidants that repair free radical damage. Use of this mask helps in healing sensitive skin and it restore the pH balance of skin. After applying hydrating facial mask, you should massage face thoroughly. However, you should avoid skin in the area of eyes. Rinse face by using warm water. After the application of mask, apply facial toner. Egg and honey mask, tomato mask and cucumber mask are some natural facial masks.

Intense Hydrating Mask – For Soft Hair

You can repair damaged hair in your head by massaging it with an intense hydrating mask that makes hair soft. This is a relaxing treatment and it takes up to ten minutes. This mask protects your hair from environmental stress. It repairs dry hair by restoring its shine and makes it manageable. This mask contains antioxidants and you can use it on damp hair. It provides a silky finish on your hair. It hydrates, revitalizes and detangles hair. To use the intense hydrating mask, distribute it on your hair including scalp and ends. After ten minutes, rinse head with warm water.

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