Kerala Holidays – A Warm Vacation in the God’s Own Country

Traveling to Kerala, situated in the south of India offers several packages to the bored traveler. The place is filled with many attractions that let vacationers discover and experience the beauty of paradise.

Kerala Holidays – Experiencing Nature at its Best

Choices for Kerala holidays include honeymoon packages, houseboats and backwaters, summer and monsoon packages. For those who want to live in houseboats, there is Allapuzha with its verdant scene and white sand beaches. For a romantic honeymoon, couples can jet off to Atthirapily and engage in aphrodisiac aromatherapy. Those who will be going there between March and May should definitely try the misty valleys of Munnar and explore its forests and lakes, not to mention its tea estates. Kerala holidays also offer monsoon packages from June to September. Monsoons add serenity and tranquility to the destinations such as Vagamon where one can meditate or gasp at the loveliness of cliff formations.

Kerala Travel – Ways to Unwind

Traveling around Kerala offers a lot of options based on a theme. Kerala travel may accommodate adventurers or those who are interested in ayurveda. Adventurers can take boat rides to see the lakes of Munnar or Lake Periyar and watch its flora and fauna. One may also pay a visit to a vaidya or ayurveda doctor who makes a prognosis and will structure your diet and therapy upon which management can start. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited and herbal massages and steam baths are administered. Kerala travel also appeals to cultural buffs who are treated to sightseeing temples and witnessing the Aarti ceremony.

Kerala Tours – Witnessing the Exotic

Living in a floating cottage through Kerala tours is a way of making vacations memorable. Seeing ancient temples brings about an appreciation for the grandeur of the past and savoring the different curries produced by the region can be a gastronomic feast. Bird watching early in the morning sets the tone for a relaxed day ahead which may be spent watching the activities of fishermen or doing yoga along the beach. All these activities may be done at Trivandrum, which is the capital of the state or the world famous Kovalam Beach. The beaches of Varkala are also a must visit for every visitor. The beaches contain various world class resorts and hotels to cater to the need of each and every visitor.

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