Korea Trip – Tips for a Safe Travel

A vacation in Korea combines historical sight-seeing with a fun nightlife and shopping experience. The region offers diverse travel destinations from Seoul’s highly industrial digital park to the temple ruins of Gyeongju.

Korea Trip – City and Country Fun

Tourists will be amazed at bustling city and the beautiful countryside when they embark on their Korea trip. The energetic spirit begins in Seoul also known as the Digital Media City. With towering skyscrapers, modern subway, high end boutiques, gourmet restaurants and five star hotels, the captivating city is truly a dream destination. A fun Korea trip should also include visiting ancient temples and watching old school Korean opera. The adventure seekers can even spend the night at a Buddhist temple and go hiking while enjoying a good view of extinct volcanoes. For the ultimate getaway, join the locals and embark on a tropical adventure at Jeju Island, known for its beaches, lava caves and forests. Every where you turn there is always a beautiful place to visit when in Korea.

Korea Tourist – Fun Itinerary

Foreigners can easily feel the vibe when they experience the region as a Korea tourist. If you happen to be from a country that has a visa exemption agreement with the Korean government, then there is no need to secure an entry visa. Check with your travel agent and make sure all travel documents are updated. The Korea tourist has a variety of destination choices like Seoul, Deajon, Busan and Chuncheon. Accommodations for all types of travel budgets are widely available. Visitors can choose to stay in love motels, five star hotels, family friendly service apartments, business hotels or resort villas. There are many parks and museums to visit during the day. By night time visitors can head for the many bars or enjoy a traditional Korean barbecue dinner .

Korea Tours – Choice Themes

Visitors can make the most out of their vacation by choosing from the available Korea Tours. There are many agencies that offer special tour packages including transportation and accommodations. Visitors can plan their Korea Tours way ahead of time or they can simply just choose from what is available during their stay. There is a four-day tour that includes Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do and Seoul. The group will have a chance to see the famous Namiseom Island, Seorak Mountain, Everland theme park and the historical sites in Seoul. A three-day tour of Jeju Island is also available. This includes a visit to the horse ranch, waterfalls, theme parks, bird Island and a romantic cruise.

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