Lavender Products – Popular Produces of the Aromatic Plant

There are hundreds of products that can be made from lavender plant parts. Lavender buds, flowers, leaves, barks, are some of the commonly used parts to provide an exquisite French, romantic feeling to the user.

Lavender Products – Aromatherapy for Mind and Body

The scent of lavender products not only stimulate the mind, but also treat you luxuriously. Dry lavender flowers along with lavender essential oil make your house fragranced and lively. Lavender skin care products, wedding collections, lavender tea, and other home accessories are the main produces from the plant. Lavender or soy candles in spa and spa heat wraps heal body and mind efficiently. Lavender green’s sachet and lavender pillows filled with natural, angustifolia lavender along with other natural fillings are hugely popular ones to infuse the saintly aroma of lavender into every corner of your working area. Lavender laundry products and cleaning products along with herbal, essential lavender towelettes add spice to your homes and office. Lavender shower gifts, flower bouquets, lavender potpourri is some of the popular lavender products for weddings.

Lavender Soap – Simply Soapy Feel

There is a huge variety of lavender soap, and they come in wide combinations with mint, rose, and other organically produced items. The lavender essential oil also has many medicinal uses. It also treats burns and wounds in the skin. The antiseptic and anti analgesic properties make the soap ideal for preventing skin infection. They are also available in varying scent strengths. The French soap is floral but has a light scent in it. The Bulgarian version is quite strong and camphoraceous. The main advantage of using lavender soap is that it is non toxic and non irritant. The soap is also combined with other scented oil blends like bay, bergamot, chamomile, pine, tangerine, jasmine, rosemary, etc. They are also available in other combination like aloevera, bee wax, cocoa butter, emu oil, shea butter, coconut oil, etc., for moisturizing the skin.

Lavender Perfume – Homemade Fragrance

You can make lavender perfume at home remarkably easily. The sweet fragrance of the scent is scintillating to the mind and they are made at home using basic items available at home. First, mix two cups of distilled water with three cups of vodka. Then to this you add ten drops of lavender essential oil and eight drops of chamomile essential oil along with eight drops of valerian oil. Following this you add four drops of glycerin that helps to preserve the aroma of the solution. All the ingredients have to be stirred thoroughly and then check the aroma. If you feel more oil has to be added, then add some more oil for achieving the desired aroma. The solution has to be stored in dark glass bottle and stored for at least half a day before using it on your body.

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