Lemon Mask – A Real Therapeutic for Acne and Oily Skin

Lemon facial mask can offer multiple advantages to skin. It can cleanse the skin pores perfectly, defend it against several dermatological problems, including acne and pimples related issues.

Lemon Mask – Natural Way to Heal Your Skin

A facial mask can be an excellent way to treat your skin, which every day is subjected to different agents of pollution. Though you may find different types of facial masks these days, lemon mask can be a great choice for its skin healing elements. It is an excellent choice for people who have oily skin or a pimple prone skin. This mask will act as a natural cleansing agent and make you feel refreshed. As the dirt and dusts will be removed from your skin gently, it will make your skin appear brighter. Though lemon mask includes all natural ingredients and does not leave any side-effect on skin, people with dry skin are generally not recommended this, as it can make their skin extremely dry.

Lemon Juice on Face – Clean Skin Naturally

Fresh lime juice has multiple advantages on human body. Lemon not only cleans the system internally but also it is equally useful to clean yourself externally. Applying lemon juice on face cleans your skin pores and also protects your skin from different types of infections. Use lemon juice directly on your face, twice a day to help it fight germs naturally. If you have sensitive skin and do not want to apply lemon juice on face directly, you can dilute the juice by adding water to it. For healing your skin and offering a soothing effect to it, you can add aloe vera to the juice.

Lemon Facial Mask – Make at Home

If you have oily skin and want to prepare a herbal mask for cleaning your skin and defending it against common skin problems, lemon face pack can be the right choice. To make lemon facial mask at home, you just need yogurt, flour and lemon juice. Take a bowl, add one teaspoon of lemon, four tablespoon of yogurt and flour each. Mix them properly to make thick paste. Apply the paste on your face with your fingertips. Make sure to leave out your eye area. Leave the mask undisturbed for around twenty minutes and then apply cold water to rinse face gently. Finally, pat dry.

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