Medical Tourism in India – Discover Cost-Efficient Health Care Services for Healthy Lifestyles

India is one of the most sought after hubs of medical tourism, where new trends for globalization are created. With highly educated medical workforce, and extremely efficient medical facilities, Indian medical industry has all the makings that meet the global medical standards.

Medical Tourism in India – the Best Treatments at Upbeat Prices

The medical tourism in India is blooming, and every year, India sees foreign patients seeking medical services from every possible field of the industry. The world class health care centers in India are accredited by the Joint Commission International, and are blessed with well qualified doctors, and supporting staff like nurses and technicians. Highly efficient and experienced doctors own super specialty hospitals that provide the opportunity for best health care services available in the country. Another main aspect that contributed to the increased medical tourism in India is the much affordable medical services, in addition to being cost-effective and highly efficient, thus benefitting those concerned about the rising healthcare costs.While extreme expertise is proven in the fields of orthopedics, dentistry, cardiac surgery, pediatrics and cosmetic surgery, medical tourism in India has also evidenced the interest of tourists in ayurvedic treatments pioneered through Kerala, where natural and mental therapies are used to cure the patients. Homoeopathy and naturopathy are other popular medical services liked by international medical tourists. In addition, the tourists also get to enjoy sightseeing, and some post operative treats, as part of some attractive medical tourism packages.

Surgery India – Curing Severe Pathological Conditions

With medical services at par with those at US, UK, Canada and other developed countries, surgeries in the world class Indian hospitals are undertaken by surgeons who have higher medical qualifications, some even with honorary degrees from reputed universities abroad and have done surgical practices in countries like US and UK. Surgery India is one of the preferred medical requirements by health tourists. The availability of quick treatments and surgeries appeal to those hailing from countries like UK and Canada, to sought medical services in India as the patient is mostly operated on the very next day of admitting, unlike other countries where there is a wait list for surgery dates. Efficiency can be assures in minor surgeries to the major ones like cardiac surgery, abdominal surgery, bypass surgery, brain surgery and more. Precisely, surgery India allures the medical tourists with the affordable rates that will not even cost half of the surgery costs in the highly developed countries, still not having to compromise on the efficacies and best treatments in the healthcare industry.

Dental India – for Healthy Teeth and Genuine Smiles

With promising results in dental care, dental India is another sector of Indian health tourism with many board certified dentists and dental surgeons, in addition to the much affordable costs in dental treatments. A regular root canal treatment in India costs around 5,000 INR to 7,500 INR, which is equivalent to $100-$150 per tooth. The same will cost you around $350-$600 in the US. Dental crown treatments are at attractive rates of $100-$350, wherein the same will cost up to $3000 in the US Dental hospitals.

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