Mongolia Travel – A Journey to the Land of the Blue Skies

The beautiful landscapes crystal clear skies and the fascinating history of Mongolia, makes the country a very interesting travel destination. As a tourist you can explore various exquisite tourist destinations when you go a Mongolia tour.

Mongolia Travel – Remarkable Experience

Mongolia is an exotic destination for travelers around the world primarily because of its scenic and cultural splendor. There are some fascinating historical monuments which you can visit during Mongolia travel. Deer Stones, located in the country’s northern part is a splendid tourist stop. It is a grouping of very ancient megaliths which stands in a vast and sweeping plain. Another wonderful Mongolia travel location is the Gobi Desert which stretches between Mongolia and China. Apart from some breathtakingly beautiful rock views, the desert has an abundance of oasis, fauna and flora which will quench any desert explorer’s thirst.

Mongolia Tourism – Affordable and Pleasant Vacation

The country of Mongolia is a magnificent place for tourist travel. There are some excellent budget accommodation places in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar which make Mongolia tourism very popular worldwide. There are numerous cheap guest houses run by the local people that provide amenities like modern toilets and hot water. Room rates are as low as four dollars a night which is far more reasonable than any hotel or guesthouse in other parts of the world. The unique culture of Mongolia also makes Mongolia tourism quite a favorite amongst travelers. There are many natural history museums which provide an intriguing insight into the culture of the people.

Mongolia Travel Guide – Amazing Places to Visit

Apart from getting a glimpse of the country’s splendid history, a Mongolia travel guide also recommends visits to nightclubs. One of the most premier nightlife destinations in Mongolia is the Oasis Nightclub. It is located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and offers a very comfortable atmosphere. It is well furnished with beautiful sofas and serves traditional Mongolian barbeque food. A Mongolia travel guide also suggests a visit to scenic locations like the Orkhon Waterfall and the Ugiinuur Lake. The former has been designated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The latter serves as a very good spot for fishing and witnessing migratory birds.

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