Products for Acne – Effective Solutions for Your Acne Worries

There are a plethora of products for acne treatment, which can be effectively utilized to take care of this particularly common skin problem. However while choosing these products, care must be taken to ensure that they suit your skin type so to avoid undesirable side effects subsequently.

Products for Acne – Suiting Different Skin Types

There are special products for acne that are created to suit various types of skin to provide effective treatment without any avoidable side effects. Such products for dry skin primarily aim to reduce the irritation. Therefore they contain adequate amounts of petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, milk and peanut oil, which cures the acne faster. For normal and combination skin types honey, milk powder, peach, egg yolk and almonds are most suitable against acne that are further supplemented with Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid and tea tree oil for maximum effectiveness. The oily skin type is the most perceptible to acne and therefore has a host of products for acne that can be applied for treatment. These products include curd, aloe vera and turmeric, which can be applied with sulfur and resorcinol.

Acne Gel – Treatment Mechanisms

Currently there several formulations of acne gel that are available commercially as effective treatment against acne. The success of these gels is based on the fact that they help the skin to stay clear thereby obviating the requirement of any other kind of acne medication. The gels act through the retinoid that is extracted from vitamin A making it effective in maintaining the clear tone of the skin. However these gels are not effective against hormone induced acne, which will require further medication for complete treatment. The new ‘Aczone gel 5%’ acne gel, which has been approved by the FDA is a far more effective solution that clears the skin by targeting the dirt, dead skin and oil blockages in the pores. However this solution may have certain side effects like red skin and rashes on some people.

Acne Soap – Daily Usage

In order to derive the maximum benefits of the acne soap it must be used on a daily basis to wash the skin so that the acne causing elements are removed regularly. The soap generally contains Benzoyl peroxide, which removes the dirt and pollutants along with dead skin cells from the surface. The tea tree oil element in most such soaps acts as an anti bacterial agent, which helps keep the skin infection free. For the more sensitive skin types there are special mild versions, which will help avoid any side effects on the skin. It is advisable to commence the treatment with the gentle cleansing soaps and in case of no rashes or reddening of the skin being noticed, the stronger versions can be tried out.

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