Removing Blackheads – Effective Methods to Ease the Condition

Blackheads are the follicles with a wide opening which appear on the face in the form of small black or brown dots or bumps. Oily skin is more affected by it due to excessive sebum. Dirt and irritants increase the formation of blackheads.

Removing Blackheads – Easy Methods

Squeezing blackheads should be avoided because it leads to infection and pimples. The basic principle for removing blackheads is to open the pores and loosen it and then you can do the extraction easily. For loosening, you should steam the face at first. You can also remove it by washing the face with cleanser and warm water thrice a day. Use an astringent, toner, moisturizer and mild facial scrubs. You can also use medicated soaps and face packs. Drinking lots of fluids also helps to prevent the formation of blackheads. It can be removed with the help of a professional too. For removing blackheads, you can use a blackhead remover as well. When all these treatments fail to give results, you can seek medical help.

Blackhead Clearing – Some Advanced Measures

You can use a mild exfoliant in combination with benzoyl peroxide for blackhead clearing. This is low in potency so it does not make any harm to the face. Creams and gels are also highly effective. Scrubbing the face daily is the other important methods, which helps to remove the agents that cause blackheads including dirt and dead cells. Scrubbing softens the blackheads and helps to prevent the formation of new ones. It has an exfoliating effect so the skin becomes clean and beautiful. Blackhead clearing can also be done by massaging the face with a lather scrub, especially on the blackheads, and then rinse the face thoroughly.

Blackhead Extraction – Complicated yet Effective

Blackhead is a form of acne and can be removed by extracting them. Blackhead extraction is done with the help of an extractor tool called comodone extractor. It is a thin tool made of metal with small sized holes at the ends. You can buy the tool from the drug store. Before doing the extraction, you should take bath with hot water and then give steam to the face. This helps in loosening and releasing the blackheads. Then take a sterilized extractor and place the hole of it on the blackhead and press gently. Then, rub in upwards direction by using short strokes. Clean the area of blackhead and then wash the face.

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