Rufa Fish Spa – Providing Healing Therapies for Your Feet

The rufa fish spa offers excellent healing therapies to rejuvenate your feet. Such spas are available all around the world and are considered to be very effective ways of curing tired and worn out feet.

Rufa Fish Spa – Some Important Details

The doctor fish treatment or carp treatment is popular in different parts of the globe. The rufa fish spa is a kind of spa treatment where you have to dip your feet into a container which contains more than a hundred tiny carp fish. These carps nibble on your feet skin and peel off the dead and hardened skin cells to reveal smooth and soft skin underneath. The rufa fish spa treatment is a very painless form of feet treatment. The carp fish do not bite as they do not have any teeth. However, their nibbling is enough for replacing razors and pumice stone for removing dead skin from the feet.

Pedicure Fish – Its History

The use of fish to get you beautiful feet is a new treatment. The pedicure fish has been utilized for several centuries in many countries for treating and rejuvenating skin conditions. It is believed that it was used for the first time in the country of Turkey. Many other Asian countries quickly followed suit. The pedicure fish are widely used in the country of Japan. The spas in Japan offer entire-body immersion in the carp filled tubs. In the United States however, it might be difficult to come across such forms of feet therapy. As many as fourteen states have banned such treatment by citing safety and health concerns. Use of fish to treat feet skin is banned in New York.

Feet Fish Spa – A Few Vital Concerns

Carp fish therapy is one of the most effective forms of feet therapy in the world. However, when you avail of feet fish spa, you need to remember that the carp which are nibbling on your feet have also been nibbling on the dead skin of someone else’s feet. There are therefore some major sanitation concerns which are associated with the carp fish treatment. You need to ensure that brand new carp are used for your treatment. When you opt for feet fish spa, you should also make it a point to ensure that the water is changed. By doing so, you will prevent dipping your feet inside water which contains another person’s dead skin particles.

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