Sabah Tourism – Visit the Breathtakingly Beautiful Malaysian State

The natural diversity in Sabah like the poring hot spring and Semporna, a snorkeling and scuba diving destination, draws tourist round the year. The mountains and seashore offer plenty of adventure activities for the visitors.

Sabah Tourism – Enchanting Tropical Destination

Those who want to visit a tropical travel destination with a difference can opt for Sabah vacation. Sabah a state of Malaysia is situated on the north section of Borneo Island. It is Malaysia’s second largest state but till date remains a controversial territory, with Philippines claiming to be the owner of its part. Owing to its proximity to Philippines’s typhoon prone zone, Sabah is also called “The land below the wind”. Sabah tourism has thrived over the years owing to splendid natural bounty of the region which has everything from rainforests and meandering rivers. However, it also offers all modern amenities to the visitors including beach resorts and elite spa hotels. Sabah tourism industry has also benefited from the welcoming nature and warmth of the residents. The adventurous visitors can opt for helicopter tours in Sabah which gives them the opportunity to experience the beauty of sea, mountain and forest at one go. The tourists can reach Sabah through the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, located in its capital, Kota Kinabalu. Several Asian and US airlines offer flights to this airport. Royal Brunei Airlines and Malaysian Airlines offer flights to this airport with just one stop over.

Sabah Travel – Soaking in Sun by Seashore

The sea beaches in Sabah allure the tourist all over the year and the majority of beaches with amenities are situated in its western coast. The offshore islands near Sabah have rich underwater ecosystem. The tourist opting for Sabah travel can visit the islands adjacent to Kota Kinabalu like Manukan island and Gaya island. The visitors who prefer serenity in a tropical destination can visit Pulau Tiga Survivor Island which is adjacent to Kuala Penyu. These islands have decent accommodation options for the tourists. If the natural bounty offered by the islands and beaches are not enough, the visitors can take part in water sports like parasailing and jet-skiing, etc. For accommodation, one can choose from Tanjung Aru Resort of Shangri-La and Magellan Sutera Hotel which is near the capital city. Sabah travel cannot be complete without a visit to the Tanjung Aru Beach. It offers a laid back atmosphere with touches of modernity.

Sabah Tour – Tropical Extravaganza

Mount Kinabalu, which is the tallest mountain in Asia’s south eastern part is a UNESCO acknowledged natural heritage site and lures thousands of adventure loving tourists each year. Sabah tour should include a visit to Turtle Island Park at the Eastern coastline. The visitors can watch the rare marine turtle species in the park. It would be a good idea to visit the island from July to October. The intricate limestone caves found in Gomantong Hill amaze the Sabah visitors. The bird’s nests in these caves also make the viewers spellbound. For knowing the culture and heritage of Sabah, one should visit the Sabah State Museum, set up in 1985.

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