Salon for Men – Exclusive Beauty Services for the Rough and Tough

Salon for Men specializes in addressing masculine grooming needs. The establishment offers hair cutting, hair coloring and hair rebonding services, some even offer massage, waxing and skin treatments.

Salon for Men – The Art of Looking Good at All Times

Men need to be properly groomed at all times therefore regular trips to the salon for men are necessary. Apart from wearing the right clothes men must have well-styled hair, clean-shaved face and smooth skin. Salon for men offers beauty services addressing the needs of the masculine set. Most men like their hair short and neat and so a monthly trim is a must. Aside from the cut, they can also have a nice, thorough shave, followed by a refreshing facial treatment. Clean fingers and toes are just as important and so a regular manicure and a pedicure should also fit into their schedule. For unwanted hair, some salons also offer waxing treatments for men.

Mens Spa – Therapy for Smooth Skin and Tired Muscles

Men can indulge in their choice of body care service by visiting a men’s spa. They can relax and enjoy a body and facial massage, intensive hand and foot therapy and many others. The men’s spa offers services that invigorate tired muscles, while keep the skin, hands and feet clean and refreshed. For a real treat they can even have an exfoliating skin treatment to get rid of dead skin cells. The result is a refreshing and smooth skin. The body scrub comes with a light massage topped with a moisturizer. For tired legs an energizing leg treatment can ease tired muscles. A cooling gel is massaged on to the legs to improve blood circulation.

Mens Hair Salon – For Clean and Healthy Hair

A good hair cut is maintained by visiting the men’s hair salon at least every three weeks. Hair grows in an average of one and one-fourth centimetres every month, for men who like their hair short and neat, the additional length can make lot of difference. Men’s hair salon specializes in the latest trend in men’s haircut and style. They also offer hair rebonding for men who like to get rid of their curls and hair color for those who want their strands in a lighter or darker shade. To keep the scalp healthy, salons also offer hot oil treatments to moisturize and conditions hair and scalp. The warm solution on the scalp can also relax the head.

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