Skin Allergic – How Skin Reacts to Various Allergens

Skin allergy is a condition when the body of a person reacts in a hyper-sensitive manner to the environment or surroundings, or some substance present in the environment or surroundings. Skin allergic reactions can be in the form of rashes, blisters, red swollen itchy patches or bumps etc.

Skin Allergic – Various Types and Causes

Itchy skin, rashes, red swollen bumps and patches over the body, blisters on face are some of the common skin allergies. The reasons for them may not be the same for every skin allergic person. However all the allergies are troublesome and unpleasant.Allergy might appear as reaction to some food particles, cosmetics, scratching, pollen, dust, medicine, sun rays etc. It is very important for a skin allergic to be aware of the reason for the allergy, as minimum exposure to it would keep a control on it from spreading further. Always visit a doctor, to know the root cause for the allergy and keep it at bay.

Blisters on Face – Causes and Home-remedy

Blisters on face are one of the common allergic reactions. They occur in form of bumps over the skin and in most cases have a fluid inside them, which might be blood, pus or water like fluid, plasma. They might occur because of any of the reasons like, constantly rubbing or scratching the skin, because of some chemical exposure, or because of exposure to extreme temperature. Actually, the fluid in the blister provides a cushion effect, and prevents further damage to the skin.Apply some aloevera gel or juice over the blisters to bring some soothing effect, and decrease the burning and itching sensation. Blisters on face must be treated very carefully to prevent any scarring on the face.

Allergic Rashes – Preventive Measures

Allergic rashes are nothing but outbreaks over the skin, which appear because of an allergy with a particular substance in the surrounding or environment. Rashes may be dry, patchy, and scaly and sometimes when they get worsened might be watery too. In most cases, the skin around the rashes becomes dry.Apply moisturizer over the skin regularly to tackle the dryness. Rub ice-cubes over the rash to provide soothing effect and stop any inflammation. Avoid ice-cubes if rashes are watery. Do not scratch the rashes, and stay away from extreme cold or hot temperature. Also stay away from detergents, soaps and perfumes until you get to know the root cause for the rashes.

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