Soft Contact Lens – Correct Your Vision with Tender Lenses

More and more people are trading their glasses for soft contact lenses. From lenses that help to see clearly, to the ones that give your eyes the color of your choice, there are many types of contact lenses available in the market today.

Soft Contact Lens – Soft Care for Eyes

Soft contact lens are used by majority of contact lens users. They are made of hydrophilic plastics and easily conform to the shape of the eye. They are extremely comfortable to wear and tend to stay in place. People who lead an active lifestyle prefer to use soft contact lens. It is very important to cleanse and disinfect soft contact lens daily. It is recommended to wash hands before removing contact lens from the eye so that germs don’t transfer to the contact lens. Using the cleaning solution, contact lens should be cleaned to remove any eye-produced buildup, cosmetics or dirt. Doctors also recommend periodically using solutions to remove protein deposits from contact lens.

Disposable Lenses – Change Lenses Daily

Disposable lenses are worn for a specific period of time and then they are discarded and replaced with fresh lenses. If contact lenses are used frequently and for longer periods of time deposits like protein, calcium and lipids get deposited on the lenses. These deposits make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable and make eyes prone to infection. Therefore, if contact lenses are changed regularly these deposits do not get formed and chances of eye infection reduce. Therefore, many people prefer wearing disposable lenses. Some companies offer daily wear lenses which are discarded after being worn for a day and then next day new set of contact lenses are used.

Colour Contact Lens – Change Your Eye Colour

Colour contact lens are available in three types – enhancement tints, opaque color tints, and visibility tints. A typical contact lens is transparent in color which makes it difficult to see if it accidentally falls. An enhancement tint is used to augment the existing color of eyes, it does not change the eye color in any way but can make light color eyes look darker. A visibility tint is of light blue or green color and is added to a lens to help the user see it better while using it or in case of accidentally dropping it. Visibility tints do not change the eye color. Color tints on the other hand are used to change the eye color completely. Color contact lens come in many color like blue, green, grey, brown, violet and many others.

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