Splitting Nails – Causes and Remedies for Brittle Nails or Onychoschizia

Split nails also known as Onychoschizia is a problem faced by many. This is a painful condition which can be caused due to factors like poor nail care and nutritional deficiencies.

Splitting nails – Undesirable Condition spoiling Beauty of Nails

Splitting nails are not at all a beautiful sight to look at. Prolonged exposure of the nails to water will make them soft and brittle and will eventually lead to the formation of split nails. It can also be caused due to vitamin deficiency and excessive use of nail cosmetics like nail polish remover. To avoid this condition you should take care of your nails and should moisturize them daily. Massaging Vitamin E on on your nails will help to strenghten the nails and prevent splitting nails. Also protect your nails from water and dirt by wearing suitable gloves while you are involved in tasks like cleaning and gardening. It is also recommended that you have a diet enriched with leafy green vegetables and dairy products as they are high in minerals like calcium, magnesium and silica which help to prevent spilt nails. Also use an acetone free nailpolish remover to avoid split nails formation. If you develop splitting nails, then clip it very short so that it becomes possible to prevent the splitting of the nails further down. Also cover the split nail with medicated bandages so as to prevent the occurence of infections.

Ridged Nails – Sign of Poor Nail Health

Poor nail heath can also lead to the formation of ridged nails. They can be horizontal with ridges running across the nails or vertical with ridges extending from the cuticle upto the tip of the nails. The ridges which form in the nails can also lead to development of splitting nails. Even though ridged nails are usually causeed due to the lack of moisture, certain other factors like a poor diet can also cause this condition. To treat this, you should moisturize your nails and cuticles daily with Vitamin E oil. Also drink plenty of water to keep your nails hydrated and to prevent the formation of ridges. Horizontal ridges in your nails can sometimes signify a more grave problem like kidney disorder. So it becomes very much necessary that you consult a doctor, if you notice the appearance of such ridges on your nails.

Fantasy Nails – Professional Help For Beautiful Nails

Women having split nails or nails which are ridged need not worry now as they can make use of various professional services in order to attain beautiful looking nails. Fantasy nails is a nail and salon spa which offers various services guarenteed to make your nails look gorgeous. Apart from different types of manicure, this salon also offers nail enhancement services like acrylic nails,powder gel nails, fiber or silk nails and solar nails. These enhancements do not damage your nails, but instead offers you glossy and thin nails which looks completely natural.

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