Taiwan Tour – Explore the Popular Asian Tourist Destination

One of the most popular Asian destinations, Taiwan is full of life and welcomes visitors from across the world. There are places that are full of cultural and traditional significance and other areas that are filled with contemporary vitality. This elegant mix defines the true culture of Taiwan.

Taiwan Tour – Do It the Nature’s Way

Taiwan is popular for its towering mountains and therefore known as “Mountainous Island”. The country is home to Northeast Asia’s tallest mountain Yushan. Another of Taiwan’s greatest assets that you will enjoy during your Taiwan tour is the beautiful coastal scenes. Stretching from the northern tip to the South-most point, there are different kinds of coastal geography. The relaxing scene of the vibrant sunrise and tranquil sea is a sight to wait for. Adjacent to the mountainous areas, is the Maolin National Scenic Area that is home to indigenous people. Check out the Rukai stone-made houses and world of butterfly here. Eagle spotting at Bagua Mountain, natural setting of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area and the sacred Buddhist sanctuary present to you the many faces of this beautiful island. Your Taiwan tour is not complete without visiting the Penghu National Scenic Area that has the most beautiful views and the 8 national parks.

Visit Taiwan – Discover Taiwan and Its Hotspots

When you visit Taiwan, make sure your itinerary includes certain specific hotspots like the Keelung City, New Taipei City, Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Taichung City and Yunlin County besides many others. Located at northern Taiwan, Keelung is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is a natural harbor. Taipei is the largest city and Taiwan’s cultural and economic center. Visit Taiwan and its numerous museums in New Taipei City such as museums on ceramics, pottery, and tea culture. The Lion’s Head Mountain, which is the oldest temples on the island is the main attraction in Miaoli County. Beautiful sceneries, friendly people, thriving cultural scene and commercial and industrial base define Taichung City. Nantou County is blessed with excellent sightseeing places, clear streams, forested mountains and a number of lakes and rivers.

Taiwan Trip – Shopping and Nightlife

Traditional markets to ultra modern shopping malls define Taiwan. Night markets are a popular choice with shoppers here. Open-air street markets rejoice in the cool of the evening and a remarkable range of products at tremendous bargains can be purchased in your Taiwan trip. A diverse range of Taiwan handicrafts make good souvenirs. Jade jewelry, finely painted Chinese scrolls, bamboo and rattan mats, ceramic pottery, decorative incense burners and the very popular “Name Chop” are some of the items you can buy from Taipei. Taiwan bustles with life even after midnight. While Taipei has the most number of lounge bars and pubs, you can also have a taste of them at Kaohsiung and Taichung. There also are specialty bars like the sports bar for all sporting enthusiasts. There are a lot of things you can do even when it is close to midnight without having to look at deserted streets.

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