Tanning Oils – Easing the Tanning Process

Tanning oils help quicken the tanning process. Some oils work by promoting the melanin production while others increase the blood flows at skin level thereby bringing more melanin on the top of the skin.

Tanning Oils – Different Types and Effects

There are several kinds of tanning oils. Accelerators help in tanning buy increasing the production of melanin once the skin is exposed to the Ultraviolet Rays of the sun. Also, this oil has ingredients that hydrate the skin; a moisturized skin is easier to tan than dry skin. A bronzer, on the other hand, works just like an accelerator. However, bronzer has an ingredient that turns the color of the dead skin to brown, making the skin looks golden. This change in the skin color lasts for about five to seven days. Tingle is also another form of tanning oils. This works by increasing the circulation of the blood; the increase in blood flow oxygenates the skin making it easier to tan. While the skin is being oxygenated, it is accompanied by a tingling sensation known to be caused by some chemicals that passes through the skin pores.

Dark Tanning Oil – Ingredients to Avoid

Dark tanning oil contains lesser sunscreen than the usual tanning products. These oils hasten tanning. However, there are some ingredients that are present in some products that can be harmful to the skin. Although they help get tanned fast, these products have side-effects that can bring more harm than good to the skin of the user. Products with high concentration of Paraben were recalled because of being linked to cancer;however, there are still some products that uses this substance. Other ingredients like Amyl Acetate and Octyl Estearate can also be found in some dark tanning oils. These are chemicals that are normally found on cleaning agents. There are also comedogenic substances that are found in many tanning products. These substances clog pores causing skin to have acnes, white heads and black heads.

Best Tanning Oil – All Natural

If you are looking for the best tanning oil, you may opt for products that contain natural ingredients. One of the most common natural ingredients found in tanning products are coconut oil. Olive oil is also often used by some manufacturers. These oils moisturize the skin; it does not only help the skin tan fast, it also makes the skin smoother and healthier. Green tea extract is also a great component found in many products, it neutralizes the free radicals thereby reducing the effect of UV rays; it also helps the skin not to get burnt even after hours of exposure to the sun. Other good ingredients that you should look for in your tanning products are sunflower oil, lanolin, cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil.

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