Types of Facial – Varieties in Facial Cleansing and Massaging Treatments

There are many types of facials available depending on the skin type and kind of treatment required like getting rid of acne, reducing signs of aging or cleansing and conditioning.

Types of Facial – To Pamper Skin

A spa or salon offers its customers many different types of facial. Aromatherapy facial is a popular choice as it helps rejuvenating the skin as well as mind. Essential oils are known to make the skin look fresh and relax the mind also. Acne facials help in controlling the appearance of acne on face. The facial start with exfoliation, followed by steam vapor being sprayed on the face to open clogged pores and application of face mask that helps in soothing as well as treating the skin. Gold facials give an instant glow to the face. Gold facial cream contains pure 24 carat gold particles, which after getting massaged on the skin give a soft and glowing effect. Some other types of facial are Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) facials, collagen facials, paraffin facials and anti-oxidant facials.

Cleansing Facial – For Nourished Skin

Cleansing facial is the basic facial in which the face is cleaned, massaged and moisturized. The facial starts with the esthetician cleaning the skin with a cleansing lotion and analyzing the skin to understand the treatments required. Next, face exfoliation is done to remove dead skin cells and black heads and white heads clogging the pores are extracted. Then the esthetician gives a relaxing facial massage to help stimulate blood circulation in the face. Finally a facial mask is applied along with moisturizers and toners to complete the cleansing facial. It is recommended that facials should be taken at least once in every three months to keep the skin nourished and healthy.

Spa Facial – For Value Add Services

Some popular facial services provided in spas are the Bio-lift facial that targets the dark circles and bags under the eyes, which make a person look older than their age. Getting Bio-lift facial helps in getting rid of dark circles and removing age related dark spots.The Anti-aging facials help in slowing down the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, firming up facial muscles and brightening the skin. Another popular spa facial is the Oxygen facial which makes the skin firm, smooth, glowing and youthful by infusing oxygen in the face. However effect of oxygen facial lasts only for a couple of days; a treatment of about six weeks is required for longer lasting results.

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