Unwanted Facial Hair – Getting Rid of the Hormonal Imbalances

Facial hair growth, also known as hirsutism, which occurs due to excess production of male hormones in female body. As facial hairs look unaesthetic, affected women often search for effective hair removal methods. Natural remedies and surgical techniques for facial hair removal are efficient ways to solve the problem.

Unwanted Facial Hair – Underlying Reasons

Unwanted facial hair growth in women is observed mostly due to endocrinal imbalance. Over production of testosterone, the male hormone in female body initiates this unusual hair development at moustache and chin regions of the affected women. These facial hairs are commonly seen in two types:Vellus, these hairs are soft textured and not acutely visible,terminal hairs are coarse, dark colored, and visible.Unwanted facial hair growth is a common symptom of certain physical conditions, which are commonly induced due to hormonal disparity in a female body. Examples of these disorders arePolycystic Ovary syndromeObesityDysfunction of Adrenal glandCushing’s diseaseSometimes heredity and racial factors induce this hairy issue. For example, women from Jewish or Mediterranean community are often seen with facial hair problem. Unusual hair growth is a common crisis for menopausal complications.

Remove Facial Hair – Treatment Trivia

Women suffering from facial hair growth mostly seek treatment to remove facial hair. There are diverse hair removal processes under different budget plans including self-care hair removal processes. Do-it-yourself methods are pocket friendly but the impact of these methods is not that long lasting as cosmetic treatment result. The common facial hair removal methods areWaxing, tweezing, and shaving.Use of chemical hair removers.Use of laser therapy.Electrolysis.Hormone Therapy.Cosmetic surgery.Use of Intense Pulse Light [IPL].The complexity of facial hair treatment depends on the adaptability and personal discretion of the patients to these hair removal methods. Depending on the age, hair type, hair quantity, hair growth area doctors select patient-specific technique to remove facial hair for best possible result.

Natural Hair Removal – Budget Therapy

Apart from medicinal treatments, natural hair removal treatments for facial hair have earned huge popularity. Budget price and easy-to-do methods are the main advantages of these self-care methods. For example, use of sugar and lemon juice as scrubber poses no adverse effect on skin and it is suitable for all skin types. Some other natural hair removal methods areUse of gram flour and turmeric paste on facial hair and scrub it gently after the mix is dried.Use of tomato juice and lemon juice on the facial hairs, it will fade the hair colors.Rubbing facial hairs gently with sandpaper helps in shedding off the unwanted hair strands.However, natural remedies are best applicable for thin vellus type facial hairs. For terminal hairs cosmetic or surgical elimination methods are better options.

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