Visit Mongolia – Experience a Blend of Lifestyles and Traditions

If you wish to have a memorable and adventure-filled vacation, you can visit Mongolia, one of the popular destinations in Asia. Each part of the country has something different to offer the tourists. The summer sports festival, adventure activities, desert trips, and wildlife tours are the main attractions in Mongolia.

Visit Mongolia – A Unique Asian Vacation Spot

Mongolia, often referred to as the land of Genghis Khan, offers a rich culture and untouched natural wonders. If you wish to visit Mongolia, you can plan any of the different tours that tour operators offer. A popular choice for many tourists is a camel ride across the sand dunes of the famous Gobi desert in Southern Mongolia. You can also visit the region where the famous explorer, Roy Chapman, discovered dinosaur bones and eggs that were dated 60 million years ago. The Buddhist Erdenezuu monastery, an extinct volcano, and the ruins of ancient capital Karakorum can be visited in Central Mongolia. When you visit Mongolia you can explore the Orkhon valley in Khangai region, a world heritage site worth visiting that provides tourists a true history of nomadic civilization and culture.

Mongolia Tour – Different Options for Tourists

Any Mongolia tour would begin after you arrive at Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The city tour covers the Gandan Monastery with its gold-plated Buddha statue, the national museum of Mongolian history, where you can look at artifacts from Mongolia and South East Asia dating from the Stone Age. The Zaisan Hill War Memorial provides a panoramic view of the city. The common time to visit the country is during the summer between May and August, as the winter can be harsh and extremely cold. The peak tourist season is July during Naadam, the National holiday season in Mongolia, when wrestling, horse racing, and archery contests are held. Mongolia tour options are plenty and can range from exploring the Gobi desert on camels, a visit to archaeological sites, horse treks across the taiga land, wildlife trekking and bird watching trips and heritage tours to eastern Mongolia.

Mongolia Rural Travel – Places to Explore

Mongolia is popularly referred to as the ‘Land of the Blue Skies’ owing to vast stretches of uninhabited landscapes. A popular Mongolia rural travel plan is a fishing trip in one of the many rivers in the country between August and October, the peak season. It is a challenging task to catch ‘taimen’, the largest fish in the salmon family. The peaceful atmosphere and spectacular scenic beauty near the river region can be a very relaxing and enjoyable. Trekking can be a perfect way to explore the rural beauty of Mongolia. Guided horseback travel allows tourists to explore the mountainous areas. Camping in Arkhangai province, often compared to Switzerland, with its beautiful landscapes, mountains, grasslands, forest and rivers, is a good choice for tourists. You can also visit Tsaatan region to observe the daily life and culture of reindeer herders and camp overnight.

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