A Head Cold – Understanding the Common Cold Symptoms and Finding the Remedies

Head cold attacks are viral infections common of humid and wintry season. The symptoms of this health disorder are quite easy to detect but unless the attack emerges as a serious infection, the snags can be easily eased by natural cure and self-care remedies.

A Head Cold – An Overview of this Viral Infection

Head cold is a type of viral infection, which causes inflammation of nasal mucus membrane and initiates irritation. Outcomes of this viral infection often seem similar to common flu and the complications, in general, are subsided within 7-10 days time at natural course. Apparently, a head cold is not a serious disease but it may cause physical discomfort and irritation for the individuals suffering from this viral contamination. However, there are exceptions too. Severe head cold attack may turn into sinus and ear infection, which can be cured by medical treatments only. Patients suffering from chronic disease or with low immunity potential are more susceptible to severe health complication due to a head cold infection. Recent research has recognized 200 types of viruses, which can cause head cold attack in kids and adults; however, children and adults show different intensity of symptoms against this viral attack.

Head Cold Symptoms – Warning Signals

It is easy to identify head cold symptoms because these are very distinct in nature. Common symptoms includerunny nose and watery mucus,discomfort of choking due to congestion,frequent sneezing,mild to severe headache ,fever and watery eyes.In a few instances, patients of head cold attack suffer from unusual hoarse voice problem, itchy throat, blocked nose, fatigue, and puffy eyes, etc. However, children may develop some complicated head cold symptoms, likemild to moderate ear infection,high fever,vomiting or abdominal cramp,drowsiness,hard coughing,difficult in breathing and grumpy mood.

Head Cold Remedies – Instant Relief

Head cold complications hardly require any specific treatment unless the intensity of infection turns severe. Natural head cold remedies are handy methods and they involve common household items only, they are easy to attempt.Drinking hot soup and ginger tea relieves blocked nose and sore throat. Chicken garlic soup in diet eases discomfort of itchy throat and low energy level.Gargle with sage tea proves beneficial for pacifying symptoms of head cold attack.Frequent use of salt water made nasal drop is good for congestion cure.Smelling eucalyptus oil is one of the most efficient head cold remedies; however, it is not wise to allow children to sniff on this smelly essential oil.Frequently blowing nose and taking hot shower can relieve irritation and reduce unusual tiredness.

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