Authoritarian Parenting – the Outcomes of Being Demanding and Dictatorial

Authoritarian parenting style has a long lasting effect on children. Children of authoritarian parents have low self esteem, lack courage and become introvert by nature. Such parenting style inhibits overall development of the child.

Authoritarian Parenting – Demanding and Coercive Parenting

An authoritarian parenting style focuses primarily on discipline and setting limits and less on expressing love to children. Authoritarian parents use punishment, blame and shame to discipline their kids. Such parents have strict standards which children have to uphold and if they are unable to do so, parents tend to be critical and punish such behavior. Children are not encouraged and appreciated for positive behavior but are scolded and punished for negative behavior. Authoritarian parenting has negative effect on the kids’ psyche. Kids feel bad about themselves. They start getting conditioned to knowing what not to do rather knowing what to do. Even after they grow up, such kids require a person to tell them what to do as they don’t know how to think for themselves.

Parenting Discipline – Effective Disciplining Techniques

Parenting discipline is necessary for raising kids so that they learn acceptable behavior, self control, accountability, empathy and difference between right and wrong. Parents have to be sometimes lenient and sometimes strict to get their message across. Parents should explain their point of view with firmness. Consistently giving the same message to the child will help them understand what is acceptable and what is not. Though different parents have different parenting discipline styles, some things are important to be remembered. It is not advisable to use harsh words or expletives when talking to the kids. Be patient and don’t loose temper as kids quickly become immune to their parents’ being angry all the time and don’t take them seriously.

Support for Children – Raise Happy Kids

Parents’ support for children is very important for their overall development as it makes the kids feel secure and makes the parent-child relationship strong. Through parent interaction kids begin to learn what they can expect from their parents, other kids and the world at large. When parents respond to the child in a loving and consistent way, the child understands that he or she is special for them and that increases the child’s confidence and self worth. A parent’s support for children provides them the feeling of security that allows them to explore, learn and share.

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