Childhood Obesity Facts- Rising Rates In The Last Few Decades

Childhood obesity facts reveal an abnormal growth of this epidemic among tender aged kids. Excessive sugar intake or junk food may be the reason behind causing this to children. Drinking water, avoiding junk food and eating healthy food like fruits, whole-grains and vegetables can help in avoiding obesity among children.

Childhood Obesity Facts – Rare Factors That Go Unnoticed

Obesity is something, which is a cause for concern not only among the youngsters but among children. Parents are often suggested by their pediatricians to keep their babies away from sweet food. This includes any food that has sugar or excessive carbohydrate. Childhood obesity facts suggest that every one of five children is affected by obesity. It’s more like an epidemic these days and thus, a reason to worry about. The cute chubbiness, increasing weight and certain activities can no longer be avoided. Overweight children with various other problems are prevalent among Mexican Americans, Hispanic, Native Americans and African-Americans. As per childhood obesity facts, being above the normal weight is more of a nutritional disorder, which is detected commonly by the paediatricians among toddlers and pre-school kids. This abnormal increase in weight among children may lead to several other health problems like, asthma, insulin resistance, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and so on. Childhood obesity must be checked on time to avoid these unwanted problems.

Childhood Obesity Causes and Necessary Solutions

Obesity in children begins at home. Often, unnoticed by parents the signs of this health problem begins at a tender age. Feeding kids sweet things like chocolates, sugary products and even junk food are some of the childhood obesity causes to be taken note of. Firstly, diet should be taken care of as per the consultation of paediatricians. Giving them healthy food like, fish, meat, green vegetable, whole grains and food rich in protein can give them the necessary nutrients and also help cut the unnecessary fat. Fruits too can be given though not in greater quantity. Drinking plenty of water however, is highly recommended for children as healthy habits. Exercise too should be an important part of their daily activities. Knowing the childhood obesity causes can help you deal with it more easily.

American Obesity Association – What They Do

American Obesity Association is an organisation, which works hard to bring a change in the food habits and other areas that lead to obesity. They have been raising a concern over childhood obesity causes and its rising rates in the last few decades. The association educates people on the ill effects of obesity, its causes and remedies. They also tell you on the expected diseases that may accompany the cause. As per a study and research on childhood obesity facts, the rate of increase has tripled over the years. This is an alarming fact. Taking this into note, you can take positive steps towards the health of your child.

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