Chronic Dizziness – Know More About the Annoying Condition

Chronic dizziness is an annoying condition which makes a person feels tired, dull and inactive all the time. It deteriorates one’s ability to perform complicated tasks and simple daily chores as well.

Chronic Dizziness – Causes and Risk Factors

People suffering from vertigo are likely to develop chronic dizziness. Vertigo is a type of dizziness, because of which a person standing still might feel like they are moving. People suffering from vertigo find it difficult to stand or walk for long durations. Those suffering from low blood pressure might experience chronic dizziness. This occurs because of the inability of blood to circulate fast enough through the head. Chronic panic attacks and anxiety disorders can also result in dizziness. Expecting mothers are also expected to experience dizziness. However, lying down somewhere comfortable for a while is enough to eliminate this type of dizziness.

Dizziness Symptoms – Know the Signs

One of the most obvious dizziness symptoms is a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Some might also faint under some circumstances. Those suffering from this problem might complain of sharp and shooting pain in the head. Their ability to perform any physical activity or tasks that require thinking and calculation weakens. A state of confusion and light-headedness is one of the most prominent dizziness symptoms. Shortness of breath and palpitation can be observed in the sufferers. The pulse rate might suddenly elevate or come down to very low levels. Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, tingling sensation in hands and feet, etc., can also be witnessed in people suffering from dizziness.

Dizziness Treatment – Recovery Tips

Dizziness treatment involves use of antihistamine drugs to relieve you from your condition. Your doctor might prescribe other forms of treatment based on the severity of your condition. Dizziness due to vertigo are cured by making necessary amendments in your diet and lifestyle. Conditions occurring as a result of inner ear infections are treated by using drugs like meclizine, diazepam, etc. Dizziness treatment for conditions caused due to anxiety disorders and related problems are cured using psychotherapy. Apart from seeking medical assistance, one must try to lead a healthy and stress free lifestyle. Also quit all addictions and indulge in healthy eating habits for faster recovery.

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