Constipation Treatment – Remedies for Irregular Bowel Movement

Constipation is a recurring disorder which needs long term treatment and constipation home remedies and right diet plan can recover the complications with better and positive result with healthy output.

Constipation Treatment – A Brief Summary

Constipation is not a disease itself it is a side effect of certain health disorder hence constipation treatment is always decided on its symptoms and intensity of the symptoms. One of the main complications of constipation is irregular and painful bowel movement and there is no general treatment for regular bowel movement because pattern of bowl movement complexity differs from one person to another. Constipation treatment is mostly done by doctors with laxatives, healthy diet regimen, physical exercise, and treatment of the triggering issues which may induce the problem of constipation. For example, patients of liver disorder, digestive problem, or acidity may suffer from chronic constipation problem; however, in these cases instead of ensuring treatment for constipation only, treatment for the prime disorder may bring better and positive result to cure the constipation issue.

Home Remedy for Constipation – Easy, Quick Fix Treatment

Home remedies are no permanent cure for any disorder; these are quick fix remedies which provide instant relief. In some cases home remedies are wonderful support system for long term treatment which initiates faster result. However, home remedy for constipation is one of the popular constipation treatment process which works wonderfully for instant relief and in some instances work wonderfully to bring cure and system in digestive system. Most of these home remedies are age-old remedies and almost side effect less, hence can be prescribed for almost everyone regardless their age and gender. Some popular home remedy for constipation treatment includesConsumption of lukewarm water treated by fresh lemon extract and one tablespoon honey helps in relieving constipationConsumption of dates with milk in the morning in empty stomach relieves constipationRegular intake of ½ cup cabbage juice is highly beneficial for the treatment of constipation.It is always better to consult house -physician before availing any home remedy.

Constipation Diet – Culinary Remedy

While home remedy and medications play their pivotal role in relieving constipation issue, constipation diet also plays significant role in relieving the pain and irritation due to constipation. Diet for constipation is simple diet plan, the constipating patients should take care of the foods which are allowed for intake in liberal quantity, some in moderate quantity, and some are in restricted manner. For example, a constipation patient may take fibrous foods in liberal mount but spicy and fried foods are to be taken is restricted amount. Seeds, nuts, beans, and green vegetables are healthy and recommended items in the ideal diet plan for constipation patients while fat based foods and fast foods, sugary foods are strictly prohibited in this diet planning schedule. Constipation diet plan demands inclusion of adequate amount of water which is a great support for easy bowel movement; instead of only plain water lemon water, fruit juice, and buttermilk is also can be taken.

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