Cough Relief – Remedies for the Common Respiratory Ailment

Coughing is a kind of reflex irritation that keeps throat and air passage clear and it may occur due to different health complications. While severe cough needs medical supervision and medicinal treatment, mild to moderate coughing can be cured by using home remedies and self care processes.

Cough Relief – Handy Cures for this Irritating Condition

Coughs are common complications of cold attack; but other than flu, there are some other triggers too, which may cause coughing. Asthma, allergies, acid reflux, dry air, and habit of smoking may cause the problem of chronic coughing. Although severe cough attack requires immediate medical care, mild cough can be treated by some easy cough relief remedies likeTaking hot shower and using an air humidifier.Staying hydrated by consuming adequate water.Sipping hot chicken/garlic soup.Taking expectorant type of medicines for instant cough treatment.In addition to it, chewing honey-ginger lozenges and having ginger vapor on throat bring instant cough relief for the patients suffering from this irritating complications.

Cough Home Remedy – Natural Treatment

Complete cure from coughing needs long-term treatment. Apart from trying conventional medicines like expectorants and demulcents, practice of holistic treatment with cough home remedy brings good response over the complications. Home remedies are instant cure tips; however, before trying any home remedy, one should take prior approval from the doctor.Regular intake of grape juice treated with honey relieves cough symptoms.Mixture of 7 almonds, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and 20 grams of sugar works fine for cough remedy.Intake of ½-teaspoon onion juice, ½-teaspoon lemon juice, and 1-teaspoon honey mix is a popular cough home remedy effective for children also.Consumption of roasted turmeric powder with milk cures cold and relieves cough from respiratory track.

Cure Cough – Quick Relief

Home remedies can bring instant relief in coughing but none of these remedies ensure instant and complete cure. On the othyer hand, hardly there is any cough and cold medicine, which works promptly for complete recovery from coughing problem. Cure cough medicines are, in general, immunity boosters, which add power to immunity system of virus affected persons for auto immunal recovery. Cough medicines are mainly two types: one is expectorant and the other is suppressants. Suppressant types of cough medicines are prescribed to treat dry coughs, while expectorant types of cure cough medicines are prescribed for complete recovery from chesty phlegm. Although cough medicines are available over the counter but it is not safe to take cough medicines without doctor’s prescription and for more than 10 days at a time.

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