Dry Coughing – Irritable Coughs that Disrupt Your Life and Sleep

A dry cough or a non-productive cough, is a condition that can be caused due to many factors which range from allergic reactions to certain underlying medical conditions. This kind of cough exhibits many evident symptoms and it can be tackled by following proper and timely treatment.

Dry Coughing – A Very Unpleasant Condition

One of the main symptoms that characterize dry coughing is the absence of mucus in the cough. A person having dry cough will experience an irritating and tickling sensation in the throat. Due to intense coughing, the voice of the affected person will become hoarse and he will experience difficulties in talking. The coughing will also be accompanied by certain flu-like symptoms, which include fatigue, headache, vomiting and fever. The condition of dry cough will turn into a chronic one, when the condition continues for more than a period of 8 weeks, without any change. In the case of chronic dry cough, the condition of the patient will worsen and he will also experience breathing troubles. A physician will usually recommend the use of cough suppressants to control intense bouts of dry coughing. Additional tests like chest X-rays and lung function tests will be conducted to find out the root cause of the condition and treatments will be done accordingly.

Dry Cough Causes – Know the Reasons

Of the many dry cough causes, exposure to irritants like dust and pollen grains can be considered as an important one. Rapid temperature changes caused due to air-conditioning and seasonal changes in the weather can cause this kind of cough. This non-productive cough can also result as a side effect of smoking. The condition of common cold also leads to the development of dry cough in some individuals. Dry cough is also seen to accompany the condition of acid reflux. Certain medical conditions can also cause the condition of dry cough to turn into a chronic one. Respiratory tract diseases like asthma and bronchitis and certain lung diseases like tuberculosis are considered to be two of the chronic dry cough causes. Intake of certain medications that belong to the class of ACE inhibitors can also lead to the development of chronic dry cough in individuals.

Dry Cough Remedy – The Solutions

Apart from having prescribed medications, one can also follow some tried and tested remedies to treat dry cough. Of these remedies, an important one involves the use of ginger. To get relief from cough, one can either have raw ginger or else consume it by mixing with honey. Gargling with lukewarm salt water is also considered to be an effective dry cough remedy. Having a mixture that is made by combining half a cup of honey with 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar will provide relief from continuous bouts of coughing. Sucking on peppermint candies and lemon drops will also soothe your throat thereby reducing the irritation. Using a humidifier in your room is also a recommended option, as dry air tends to alleviate the coughing sensation.

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