Dyslexia in Children – Impaired Ability in Children to Read or Speak

Children who are afflicted with dyslexia face difficulty in reading due to which their learning skills will also deteriorate. They are categorized as children with special needs and their IQ level will be just above normal.

Dyslexia in Children – the Symptoms and Signs

A child with dyslexia has reading skills which is below the grade level by one and a half or more grades. Dyslexia in children is accompanied with the symptoms such as reversals while reading or writing where there is confusion between letters. Also, there are elisions where the child interprets cart as cat. The reading of the dyslexic child is slow and hesitant without fluency. He attempts to speak but is not successful in saying the word correctly. He reads and writes letters in a wrong order. The child often spells the words wrongly. For instance, he may spell ‘rong’ for ‘wrong’. The other symptoms of Dyslexia in children are poor comprehension and less memory of the read material. The handwriting too may be poor and the speed of writing will be slow.

Dyslexia Testing – Measures to Check the Intensity

The intensity of the disease can be measured by conducting some tests. Primarily, the dyslexia testing can be done by measuring reading and spelling abilities of the child. Through this, the achievement of a child can be compared to other children of the same age group. Testing for presence of attention deficit as well as delayed learning is done by a questionnaire. The child is given an assessment booklet on the basis of which a professional assessment is done. Based on this assessment, the school recommends strategies of learning that can help the child to improve skills. Through dyslexia testing, some measures can be taken to improve the conditions. A dyslexic child can be taught techniques for overcoming difficulties in reading and learning.

Dyslexia Treatment – Methods to Approach the Disease

There are many methods of dyslexia treatment. The difference between right and left hand can be made by marking the hands with a rubber band or a watch or any other method. Easy methods of remembering numbers, doing multiplications and the days of the month should be used. You can also approach them with methods of differentiating between the letters ‘b’ and‘d’. For spelling and grammar, typing is preferred. A dictionary and spell checker is also useful. Computer programs that read the written text aloud are helpful. Color coding and the use of highlighters and colored paper and pens are helpful in dyslexia. The use of computers is also very effective in dyslexia treatment. Tricks to remember things should be used. Thoughts can be said aloud. Writing notes is also found to be helpful.

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