Dyspraxia Symptoms – Difficulty in Planning and Coordinating Movements

Dyspraxia can be treated better if the affected child can be identified with the early symptoms and awareness about symptoms of cognitive diseases like dyspraxia and dyslexia can ensure the control over crisis.

Dyspraxia Symptoms – Quintessential Signals

Being a cognitive disorder dyspraxia symptoms can easily be identified in the affected persons. Hence medical intervention can be immediately commenced. Some of the common symptoms of dyspraxia areIn general poor vocabularyPoor coordination between speech and movementProblem is answering question; generally dyspraxia affected babies speaks very slowlyWalking unusually slow is one of the prime dyspraxia symptomsDyspraxia affected children cannot sit in a particular place for quite a stretch of time; they are seen not hyper active but rather restless.Some times dyspraxia is misjudged as dyslexia, which is another cognitive disease; however, dyslexia and dyspraxia are different problems and both needs different treatment.

Signs of Dyslexia – Things Which Need Attention

Dyslexia is the difficulty with words. Dyslexic children, despite their talent, show inability in acquiring normal motoring skills, hence show general inability in coping learning methods. For immediate recognition one should know the general signs of dyslexia so that if necessary a dyslexic child can be identified out of other kids and relevant intervention can be started by professional doctors. Some of the common dyslexia symptoms areConfusion in understanding directionAbrupt difficulties in understanding sequencingDifficulties in learning and writing little wordsBizarre spelling and reading tendency which sometimes generates meaningless writing or readingImmature vocabulary; most of them show tendency of late talkingDifficulties in handwritingPoor learning skill in maths, etc are also often considered as general signs of dyslexia.

Causes of Dyslexia – Knowing the Gap

One thing is clear about cognitive diseases like dyspraxia and dyslexia that the causes of dyslexia or dysparxia are never known. None of the diseases like dyspraxia or dyslexia is a parenting shortcoming, nor are these obviously known as generic issue although it is seen in many instances that these are family diseases. Sometimes hearing impairment triggers the problem of communication hence initiates dyslexia or dyspraxia. Neurological dysfunction is one of the suspects as the prime causes of Dyslexia. Further study and research is going on for analyzing the triggers of these cognitive diseases. Although nothing can be said now, but if we get to know ecxactly the causes of dyslexia or dyspraxia, the problems related to these diseases can be controlled with better level of intervention.

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