Effective Parenting – Secrets of Bringing up Kids the Best Way

A 24*7 job with various drawbacks and hitches parenting is an experience which at times could be more than one can chew. But with several effective parenting tips and skills one can make this period the most memorable and enjoyable experience of ones lifetime.

Effective Parenting – Secrets of Bringing up Children

There are some effective parenting tips, which when used can help you to make the perfect family and fullfill your responsibility towards your childs physical, mental, emotional well being, education, social development and all round success. With a busy schedule and both the parents working for 8 to 10 hours it is indeed difficult to spare time for the kids. Also having a 20 min dinner with the kids or greeting them good morning while grabbing a toast does not mean spending quality time. Parents have to make sure that they spend atleast 25 to 30 minutes per day with each of their kids. They must remember to make these sessions a one man show focusing totally upon their kids and making them feel special.It is often observed that children are quick learners and they imitate their parents who are their focus and role models. Parents must take care to potray a positive and healthy behaviour which then will be naturally accepted by their kids. Make sure that you never say no to the questions asked by your kids. Always try to answer their questions honestly and truthfully, however embarrassing or difficult they may be and if you do not know the answer be sure to find them out and provide them to your child. You must become the first and the most reliable source of information for your child as this will help you to create a long lasting relationship and effective communication during their growing period.Comparisions always results in negativity and emotional trauma for the kids. Every child is different and unique and the parents must learn to cherish this individuality and nourish their kids in such a way that their individual positive traits are developed and highlighted and the negative traits are either overcome or accepted without making a big deal out of them. Eg: every child cannot be a singer, actor, dancer, scientist, finance genious etc and instead of forcing your dreams on them you must help them to develop their own dreams and talents.Parents, family, school, friends, society etc are the major factors responsible for a childs moral education. From a very young age make your child understand the concepts of honour, bravery, justice, courage, sacrifice etc . This can be achieved easily by reading bed time stories like Aesop’s fables, stories of kings and queens and several other grandma’s tales which have good morals at the end.There are ‘n’ number of tips and skills which can be used by parents while raising their kids. However, all the effective parenting tips can be sumed up to the fact that a parent should be an angel for a three year old, a guardian and disciplinarian for a two to twelve year old, and a friend, philosopher and guide for the rest of the child’s lifetime.

Parenting Programs – Gateway to Effective Parenting

The government and several NGO’s have started parenting programmes which help you to cope up with the day to day child care problems and give you effective parenting tips. You can apply to these programmes which can be either general parenting programes or special unique child based parenting programs. Eg: National parenting model programme, confident parenting, black parenting, systematic training for effective parenting, effective parenting for teenangers and elementary school kids etc.There are also several specific programmes which help you to improve yourselves and manage specific details of your child’s life. EG : nuturing and nutrition programmes, school readiness and parent involvement programme, self esteem parenting program, how to talk so kids will listen workshop etc.

Discipline a Child – Be Firm, Yet Fair

It is an age old dilemma of every parent, how to be firm yet kind and loving towards your kid so that they are properly discilplined. Parents must remember that force, fear, anger at times may help to control your kids but a child needs to learn inner control and not be controlled by the parent. Repetitive commands, pleading and begging, fussing, threatening, spanking, using of negative emotions like guilt, hopelessness etc are bad ways to discipline a child. Instead one must always give the child a choice to choose and make him realise the resultant cosequences and expectations from him. Reward positive behaviour, make him feel successful and inculcate in him a sense of achievement when he completes a chore or a task, provide a situation where the word if and then are used regularly and you may not need to raise your voice over your kid.

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