Effects of Dehydration – Excessive Loss of Water from Body

Dehydration, which is a condition caused due to the excessive loss of body fluids, brings along with it many unpleasant side effects. Since these effects of dehydration can pave the way for other medical complications, it is essential to tackle dehydration at the earliest stage possible.

Effects of Dehyration – Quite an Emergency

The effects of dehydration are prominently reflected in the skin of a person. Loss of body fluids will tend to make the skin dry and rough. The skin will also lose its elasticity, thus paving way for the easy formation of lines and wrinkles. It is also seen that dehydration adversely affects the process of perspiration, thus causing an elevation in the internal body temperature of a person. This in turn will affect the proper functioning of the internal organs. One of the other effects of dehydration is the constriction of blood vessels which will eventually cause a decrease in the cardiovascular performance. A decrease in blood supply to the brain due to dehydration can cause coma and seizures. The loss of body fluids will also adversely affect the renal functions. The individual may also experience colitis, which is a medical condition characterized by the swelling of the large intestine. In severe cases, the internal organs of the person may fail, eventually resulting in the death of the individual.

Symptoms Dehydration – Mild to Severe

The condition of dehydration can be identified by many evident signs and symptoms. Severe nausea and vomiting are the common symptoms dehydration brings about. A person suffering from dehydration will also experience frequent bouts of dizziness. The mouth will become dry and in certain cases the tongue will swell up. In severe cases of dehydration, the process of sweating may cease completely. The individual may also experience severe thirst, palpitations and muscle spasms. Persistent weakness and headaches are the other symptoms dehydration has.The person will also experience a decrease in the frequency of urination and severe pain during the process of urination.

Dehydration in Children – Take Utmost Care

Dehydration in children can be caused due to viral and bacterial infections and also due to extremely hot climatic conditions. A child suffering from dehydration will exhibit sunken eyes, decrease in frequency of urination, tiredness and irritability. He may also experience high fever and will pass blood stained stools. ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) is generally administered to children so as to tackle dehydration. In order to prevent dehydration you should encourage restrict your child’s activities in the sun and should also encourage him to drink lots of water. Having water rich foods like grapes and watermelon will also help to tackle dehydration.

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