Excessive Tiredness – Understanding the Medical Reasons Behind It

Excessive fatigue or tiredness is very dangerous because it destroy the quality of your life. It may be a symptom of one or a combination of many health problems and it is essential to consult a doctor to find out the exact cause and finding remedies for tiredness.

Excessive Tiredness – The Causes

Fatigue may occur due to many diseases such as anemia, emotional or mental disturbances, unhealthy lifestyle, sleep deprivations, etc. Excessive tiredness may also be the symptom of heart problems, hyperthyroidism, etc. However, the side effects of many medicines such as anti depressants and sleeping pills are the most common causes of it. Negative emotions like depression, burnout, stress, boredom, are the other reasons for tiredness. Poor diet, excessive drinking of coffee and alcohol and smoke further aggravates the condition. It may be due to inadequate sleep, bad sleeping habits, etc. Lack of exercise and the other unhealthy activities also lead to excessive tiredness.

Tiredness Symptom – Ways to Come Out of the Problem

Understanding the symptoms of excessive fatigue helps to solve the problems by taking remedial measures. It is also essential to understand the causes behind tiredness symptom. Fatigue is different from drowsiness because the latter phenomenon related to some physiological problems. Decreasing physical abilities and stamina, difficulties in concentration and sleeping, keeping aloof from social activities which they enjoyed previously, exhaustion, etc are the other symptoms. You can find a solution for the problem by taking rest, sleeping properly, doing exercises and by following a balanced nutrition rich diet. It is also essential to avoid alcohol and smoking. If the tiredness symptom is very intensive, it is important to take immediate medical care.

Constant Tiredness – A Serious Disorder

Continuous work without taking rest leads to the exhaustion of total energy and finally the adrenal burnout. This constant tiredness is the worst form of tiredness and it may also due to heart problems, extreme thirst, body ache and depression. Burn out of adrenaline further leads to high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and other health complications and this is highly dangerous to health. If you feel tired after eating, it is because of the wrong eating habits. Your body needs only 15 grams of carbohydrate. When the carbohydrate content is high in the meal, you feel tiredness for several hours. Poor diet is the major cause of constant tiredness. In order to avoid such dangerous health problems, your body needs adequate sleep, enough rest, and a healthy and balanced diet.

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