Hair Lice – Diagnosing the Growth of the Bloodsucking Parasites for Effective Cure

Head lice are brown and grey colored wingless insects that cause itching on scalp and skin surface. The itching is caused by the saliva of the lice which is allergic for humans.

Hair Lice – Tiny Insect that can Give Nightmares

Head Lice is one tiny sized insect that can turn out to be a menace affecting people from almost all age groups. These parasitical insects stay glued to the surface of human head beneath the hairs and suck the blood for survival. They can multiply rapidly and have a short lifespan. Hair lice scientifically known as Pediculus capitis which mainly resides on human head scalp can also find its way through face and neck. The insect has six legs with which it sticks to the scalp and hair roots of humans. The causes of hair lice infection can be numerous but poor hygiene is one of the prevalent reasons. The kids are most vulnerable to lice contamination and a simple head to head contact is often enough to spread lice around. Sharing the combs and towels of an infected person is also a major cause of lice infection. Lice are found in three forms on human scalp – nit, nymph and full grown lice. While the lice found on human scalp are annoying it does not transmit any deadly ailments and is not life threatening as such.

Lice Symptoms – Detecting the Menace

The most commonplace sign of lice infection is itching. Lice symptoms include itching on various sections of the scalp including the region near the ears on human head. During the hatching period the lice leave behind empty shells known as nits that stay glued to the hair. Since the nits are white in color and are very tiny in size, they are often mistaken as dandruff by many people. They cannot be eliminated by using regular shampoo at all. The most credible lice symptoms include finding traces of lice or nits in hair. Special combs can be used if a person gets the feeling of constant itching on the scalp.

Lice Home Remedies- Fighting the Infection

There are a number of remedies available for treating and eradicating head lice in humans. The lice home remedies are often tried on the victims with varying degrees of success. The louse and nit combs can help in minimizing their number on the scalp of an infected person. The affected persons can mix eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and olive oil to their regular shampoo and wash lice affected hair with the mixture. The other home remedies include applying mayonnaise on scalp and keeping it overnight. This can be washed in the morning and this works well. A number of other remedies like using Vaseline and baby oil followed by shampooing are also practiced but the effectiveness is not the same. After using medicated shampoo meant for lice treatment a person needs to consult qualified doctors for long lasting lice removal.

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