Healthy Food for Children – Meals and Snacks to Promote Healthy Growth

Ensure that your children eat healthy by making smart food choices right from a very young age. When you provide them with a healthy diet, you protect them for a lifetime.

Healthy Food for Children – Helping Them Eat Smart

The importance of healthy food for children cannot be undermined. Get off on the right note with your kids by teaching them the importance of healthy food. Let them know how calcium-rich dairy products and protein-filled lean meat will help them perform better on the playground. Enlighten them about the use of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. Since kids prefer to eat what is readily available, make sure that they snack healthy. Remove the junk quick-eats from your home and get your kids accustomed to healthier options. You could keep a bowl of fruit or a box of nuts on the kitchen counter for the kids to grab and go. Other healthy food for children include cereal, health bars and applesauce. And when you see them make healthy decisions, be sure to praise them.

Nutrition Facts for Kids – Choosing Healthier Food

Remember these nutrition facts for kids – they should eat two to three servings of protein and dairy, two to four servings of fruit and three to five servings of vegetables every day. At the same time, you have to ensure that they eat less of some food and more of others. For instance, oils are not as necessary as fruits or grains. Similarly apple pies containing added fat and sugar are not as healthy as a whole crunchy apple. If your kids eat the right food, then their body would be getting sufficient vitamins necessary to lead a healthy life. Another important nutrition fact for kids and parents is to get into the habit of eating as a family. Researchers have found that kids who sit down for family dinners have better nutrition as adults. So turn that weekly family dinner into a daily affair.

Prepare Healthy Recipes for Children

Simple, healthy recipes for children should find a place in any household. With healthier recipes for smoothies and juices, you can get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, the yummier way. To get your kids interested, you could give the recipe a cool name or encourage them to help you prepare the drink. The key to getting kids to eat right is by introducing variety in your preparations. Remember, when you teach your children to eat healthy, you are creating a habit that will last into adulthood.

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