Hematoma Symptoms – The Subtle to Serious Signs

Hematoma is a condition of gathering blood outside blood vessel and it occurs due to damage of vein, artery, blood vessel wall or capillary. It leads to leakage of blood into tissues and its symptoms are highly annoying.

Hematoma Symptoms – Bothersome Health Problems

Hematoma is very irritating and its symptoms depend on various factors such as location, size and cause of the disease. However, the major hematoma symptoms are redness, swelling, pain and inflammation. Hematoma, which appears on muscle, soft tissue and skin, heals over time. In the initial stage, blood clot is very thick. Gradually, it becomes very spongy and it flattens over time. At first, the colour of hematoma is purplish blue and it changes to yellow and brown by the end and finally it resolves. Hematoma symptoms such as vomiting, chronic headache, etc., indicate severe injury in head and immediate medical care is essential in such cases. Usages of anticoagulant medicines such as aspirin, blood thinners, recurrent fall, alcoholism, recurrent head injuries, etc., are the causes of severe hematomas.

Hematoma Treatment – Medicinal Remedies

Mostly, consequences of hematomas are very little. However, it becomes dangerous with people who use blood thinners. In such patients, even minor injuries may lead to heavy bleeding. Hematomas can be diagnosed by taking X-rays, ultrasound scan and CT scan. Hematoma treatment includes application of heat and ice in soft tissues. It can also be curbed by taking adequate rest, elevation and compression. You can use counter pain medicines for getting relief from pain. Corticosteroids and diuretics can be used for reducing swelling. Anticonvulsion medicines are useful for preventing seizures. The treatment varies depends on the health of patients. Ibuprofen is not useful for patients, who are undergoing anti coagulation medications, because this may lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. Counter acetaminophen is not useful for people with liver disease. Medication also depends on other body organs, which involve in hematomas. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a doctor for getting the right hematoma treatment.

Hematoma Surgery – Severe Cases

Neurosurgical intervention is needed for resolving intracerebral, subdural, epidural and intracranial hematomas. Serious injuries on head are the major cause of subdural hematomas and it is the deadliest head injuries. When it becomes acute, blood spreads in brain very fast and it leads to compression of brain tissue. This is very fatal and may often lead to death. Minor injuries in head may also lead to subdural hematomas and it mostly occurs during old age. Weakness, visual disturbances, slurred speech, seizures, numbness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, confusion, headache, difficulty in walking, confused speech, etc., are the symptoms of subdural hematomas. In such situation, emergency hematoma surgery is the solution and this helps to reduce pressure in brain. The surgeon makes small hole in skull for draining blood from brain. Severe blood clots can be removed by using craniotomy.

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