Kundalini Reiki – A Powerful Spiritual Healing Technique

The concept of reiki for Kundalini was first brought by Ole Gabrielsen, is a powerful tool for healing energies and to cleanse chakras over a period. Combination of Kundalini and reiki works to promote spiritual growth and foster spiritual healing.

Kundalini Reiki – Basic Working of Reiki

The person who has a problem with Kundalini awakening is most benefitted by Kundalini reiki. The reiki functions by opening channels to provide channeling of reiki power by strengthening all the channels. The main channel opens up gently lighting the Kundalini fire. The Kundalini raises the solar plexus chakra for preparing the body for full Kundalini rising. At this point, you are taught a particular meditation which helps in strengthening the Kundalini fire and body cleansing occurs. In advanced Kundalini reiki, the throat solar plexus, Hara, root chakras are also opened, and the Kundalini is strengthened which eventually, reaches up to the crown chakra thereby causing deep Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini Meditation – The Inner Science

The concept of Kundalini meditation originated from the ancient Indian yoga system. The process involves careful yoga postures, intense breathing exercises, contemplation, repeated chanting of mantras, etc. The meditation is a special tool which helps in arousing the Kundalini energy. The meditation is usually associated with Hindu philosophy; however, they are practiced by all, remove any energy blockages in the body. It is also advisable to practice meditation under the supervision of an experienced practitioner, in order to avoid Kundalini syndrome, which is the adverse effects which happens due to improperly practiced meditation. The meditation helps in advance of energy through all the seven chakras of the body and releases the full potential of all the chakras. Kundalini meditation brings altered state of awareness, enhanced level of sensory perception, deep peace, ecstatic mood and oneness with the supreme.

Kundalini Rising – Awakening of Soul

Kundalini moves upward during the phase of Kundalini rising, and it run into and completes the entire inferior chakras one following the other serially. During the rising, each of the chakras feel in its fainter ways all the five elements like earth, water, fire, air, space, and the ten indriyas which are connected with the primary five elements. Some of the symptoms of rising Kundalini includes a different attitude about self, sincere desire for intellectual development, inner sensations of heat, sound and light, feeling of the flow of energy and vibration inside the body, extra ordinary phenomena, atypical sensation, a sense of spirituality happening inside the body, personal growth and spiritual consciousness, emotional fluctuations, voluntary body movement, etc.

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