Prevent Nausea – Getting Rid of the Terrible Vomitting Sensation

There are a lot of causes and reasons for nausea. You can easily fight back by learning some easy tips and remedies that will immediately stop the nausea attack. It is better to consult a doctor however if your symptoms persist.

Prevent Nausea – Stop the Attack

Nausea can be mild, or nausea can be strong. Whatever the reason, it is an extremely uncomfortable feeling and is best to just prevent nausea, especially if you’re prone to it or are ill. Many-a-times people confuse nausea with vomiting, even when nausea doesn’t always lead to vomiting, just creates an uneasy queasiness inside your stomach. Nausea can be prevented in a number of ways and most of them are quite simple. Drinking carbonated drinks or soda helps to ease the queasiness, though you should probably let the drink sit for a while and let all the fizziness escape. This often prevents indigestion. Motion sickness is another prevalent cause of nausea, as is flu, pregnancy and other ailments. It is basically best to just avoid the reasons that make you feel nauseous. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially if you have to travel or involve yourself in an activity later. For preventing motion-sickness carry a mouth-freshener or chewing gum, or just focus on a stationary object while traveling till the feeling passes. Reading up on how to prevent nausea in medical journals will also help you fight it.

Home Remedies for Nausea – Quick Fix

The best and easiest processes to fight it are home remedies for nausea. These are simple enough to be actually followed by everyone and that too with products that are just lying around the house. Children suffering from fever and cold-cough often have a tendency to vomit or feel nauseated with too much coughing. The easiest remedy is to chew small bits of ginger with some salt on it. The strong juices of the ginger stop irritating and cease the feeling of vomiting. Or if that is too strong for you, drop in a few pieces of ginger into your tea and sip it slowly or just buy some ginger capsules and pop in one twice a day. Ice-cold drinks, especially carbonated soda is good too. Eating plain bread and saltine crackers are also good home remedies for nausea, as are trying to chew gum and avoid fried or greasy foods. Too much sweetness can increase the biliousness inside your stomach so try not to eat anything with too much sugar. And never mix hot drinks with cold foods and vice versa. Avoid moving too much, sit in a relaxing position and don’t brush your teeth after you eat if you’re already nauseous.

Nausea Medication – Ask for Help

If the symptom of nausea persists for long, especially more than 24 hours, it is best to consult a doctor, that is if you aren’t already aware of the cause. Nausea medication will help to immediately calm the up-and-down sensation in your stomach and the feeling that makes you want to throw up everything. Infants suffering from nausea and vomiting may become dehydrated quickly and must be given a lot of fluids to help the condition. Tamiflu and Trilafon are some commonly prescribed drugs, as is Avomin, that’s given for motion sickness. Antihistamines are also often prescribed for nausea and so are over-the-counter drugs. Always consult a physician if you’re not sure of the cause and symptoms of nausea, especially during pregnancy.

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