Signs of Teething – Early Detection of the Important Milestone in the Infant’s Life

Teething pain varies from child to child and it is one of the most important phase in a child’s life. Teething gives rise to host of problems in a child’s body.

Signs of teething – Irritability and refusal towards feeding

A child normally gets very irritable while teething. One of the primary signs of teething in children is excessive salivation. The child develops rashes around the chin and mouth area due to the secretion of excess saliva. The child is restless most of the time. It also has the tendency to bite; therefore one needs to be very careful .The gum tissues are swollen in children during this time and it cause excessive pain, which become unbearable for the child. Refusal towards feeding is also one of the signs of teething. The child loses his interest in eating or drinking milk. There is hardly any need to get worried as the child starts eating when the teeth finally come out.

Teething pain – Extremely uncomfortable for the child to bear

The child is usually in extreme discomfort and often puts their hands into their mouth to get some relief. When the molars first appear the child suffers from teething pain. Parents often rub the gums of the child with a finger to provide the child some relief. The child should be given some cool things so that they can chew to relieve the pain. One can give soft wet cloth that has been kept in the fridge for chewing. Plastic rings can be sterilized at home and can be given to the child to relieve them from teething pain. Doctors also prescribe acetaminophen to provide relief to the child.

Teething Fever – Medical Intervention is Necessary in Extreme Cases

The teething is an extremely painful moment in a child’s life. Sometimes teething fever occurs due to this. It is important to keep a close watch on the baby though there is hardly any need to panic. Infant Ibuprofen is administered to the child. Cold banana pieces or teething rings can be given to the child to ease the pain in the gums. The child can be given a sponge bath in lukewarm water. The baby should not be wrapped in sheets or clothes as it will lead to extreme heat in the baby’s body. Seek the advice of a doctor when the pain becomes unbearable for the child. In certain cases, droplets such as Advil and Tylenol are given to the baby.

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